Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Have been bouncing back and forth at work. You see, I've got lots of loose ends to tie up and tight knots to loosen before I go elsewhere to stir up some mess. Kinda have to keep up with my reputation, you see. It's great to be boss but it's a bother to be connected to them. *shrug* Still, kickass, man!

Have been on and off the net. You see, I thought it was the modem - Huawei kaputed long time ago. Aztech didn't bloody work, don't ask why. Only stupid Hyundai connects, don't ask why either. I know what you're thinking: that all ADSL modems work the same. Your guess is as good as mine. Made complaints to streamyx, they came 5 days later, fussed with my connection for 3 hours, tested with a new modem, still didn't work, fussed some more, told me my line was unstable, left my house, changed some cables somewhere, came back 3 hours later, tested with another modem, it worked! Ok, I don't care what they did or how they did it. As long as it's free and it works, I don't bloody care. Only consolation to me that day was to find out that my modem's got lifetime warranty. Woohoo!

Have been going in and out of Nail Bars. You see, I've been trying to keep my nails long and thought that manicure (and pedicure) sessions would help. Well, they kinda did for a while only to find that short nails with that neat-and-tidy look actually suits me best. Pffttt!

Alongside major happenings like that, I had a hair steam and got fringed at the same time. I settled my summon at last. I found my long lost favourite black lycra panty this morning. I felt constipated, took a sachet of psyllium husk yesterday night and went to the toilet about 6 times today. I tried going for massages but the masseur ain't no good no more. I crave for Bushman shrooms.

La la la la la!

I'm boggled. Why can't some people say what they mean and mean what they say? [You can keep this for as long as you want to] Why can't some people keep to their words? [I want it back now] Why do some people have to lie? [It was given free] Why can't some people act their age? [They are called "males"] Why can't some people think before they speak? [Filter needs a renewal] Why?

As such are small minds, bebeh! Oh well, we learn something new each day, don't we?

That's all for the news on Blooms at midnight.


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you sound very hyper. You sure you didn't have anything - special lately? lol
cyber-red | Homepage | 05.04.06 - 2:22 am | #


Wow..! you have lots..going on..
Hope all is well..!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 05.04.06 - 4:25 am | #


hey, at least ur life is more interesting than mine, at least something happened..

trust me, i know how stupidly frustrating the Internet and streamyx can become, it really sucks.
kruy | Homepage | 06.04.06 - 7:46 am | #


at least they fixed the problem for good this round... welcome back to the civilization
michaelooi | Homepage | 06.04.06 - 11:36 am | #


thats the price we pay for monopoly
foodcrazee | Homepage | 06.04.06 - 12:04 pm | #


Wow, that's a lot of happenings in one blog. And very well said, too.
bkworm | Homepage | 06.04.06 - 10:10 pm | #


Hey Reta! Special? Nope, didn't eat crickets or frogs. No chocolates either. Just full of fire inside.

Long time no see, Mama Bok. When a post is up means I'm still alive. Hehe!

Yeah, sucks big time kruy. But as long as you are nice to them, they are kinda nice also. At least they fix the line within a day!

Yeah you can say that again, michaelooi. It's gonna be a BIG welcome back to civilization (and you know what I'm referring to). Heh!

Hi foodcrazee. They may monopolise no longer. There's now Jaring wireless and I heard there's cable service in some places too! Wait a few more months and there will be hot competition. They'd better buck up and offer better packages: Like free modem with RM55/mth unlimited access or something.

Hey bkworm, thanks. Lots happening and no time to write anything. Will update at least twice a week soon.
Primrose | Homepage | 07.04.06 - 1:01 am | #


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