Thursday, March 30, 2006


...means Sesame in English. This cosy little restaurant with soft lighting, wooden decor and splashes of batik, is located at Jalan Ceylon, serves fine Malay cuisine (so they claimed), pretty spacious and is catered to mostly tourists. When we called to make reservations, "which hotel are you staying at?" was the first question they asked. We didn't try many dishes as we were not very hungry. Whilst the food (and service) wasn't particularly extraordinary, we weren't disappointed either.

The lighted signbox

Nicely illuminated logo

Cover of menu - ooo, purple!

The first thing you read when you flip open the menu cover: Best Malay Restaurant 2004 Malaysian Tourism. Hmm, I wonder... (sorry for blurry pic. Camera phone, see?)

One candle for every table

Batik-designed napkin


Nice bar with an array of liquor bottles in various colours, shapes and sizes. Nice chinese lanterns

I ordered pink guava juice

Deep fried siakap in spicy, sourish sauce with limau purut. Yummy!

Fried brinjals/eggplants/aubergines (whatever you call 'em) topped with spicy chilli paste and shallots (sambal)

Homemade ice-creams in assorted flavours - I ordered durian ice-cream. The coconut tasted stronger than of durians

As I was leaving, I noticed the view of the top of KL Tower peeping from above the roof in the background

I think Bijan is a little too overrated for local malay cuisines but for first timers to Malaysia with no better knowledge of where to get authentic malay food, this place leaves a good impression.

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arr,,,,,a post at last. The food so bad meh ?
foodcrazee | Homepage | 31.03.06 - 8:00 pm | #


Hello foodcrazee! Actually the food wasn't bad at all. Just that if I wanted authentic malay food, I would find somewhere else lar... (psst! Like your kitchen??) Haha!
Primrose | Homepage | 01.04.06 - 12:23 am | #


hi primrose:

You must be hungry with all that overtime
Come over to SJ, restron Amog for
authentic Malay cu'e-sin!
It won't cost a dime
Pauper-Desi can steal treat
No Amok, I assure you, only din&dine...
ylchong | Homepage | 01.04.06 - 1:14 pm | #


Malay restaurant that has a well stocked bar? Isn't that giving a wrong impression?
Imran | Homepage | 01.04.06 - 10:03 pm | #


restaurant FooDcrazEE not open yet.
foodcrazee | Homepage | 02.04.06 - 3:11 pm | #


girl, come to have pizza with me instead
amy chen | 03.04.06 - 7:47 pm | #


I'm always hungry, Desi. Sometimes I feed the stomach. At most times I feed the soul.

You know, Imran, I have just realised it now that you mentioned. makes me wonder too.

No restaurant also nehmind. House also can, foodcrazee.

Hey Amy! You know what? [What?] I miss that pizza and the orr cheaaannnn! Ughh!
Primrose | Homepage | 04.04.06 - 12:26 pm | #


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