Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello Mazda

As I was cross-referencing my blogposts that day, I realised that I no longer drive the Suzuki SX4. Erm, I upgraded yet again - to the Mazda CX5 (cheaper specs of) 2WD with full leather seats. You cannot imagine just how important it is to have a non-fabric car these days. This car has a L.O.N.G waitlist and I have waited 6 blardy months for it! And today, I have driven this new baby for 3 months now. Not bad, not bad at all!

Comes in only 4 boring colours though. Meteor Gray was the one I have to match the rest of the cars parked at my porch, also for a "dirt-proof" car for lazy me. Although I do vacuum it once a month for an OCD me, I only wash it at most 3x a year, see? Aluminium Metallic was the colour I chose to own but 2 days short of the 6-months wait, I received a call and was informed that if I were to take the gray, the car would be in the showroom in 2 days. But if I wanted the aluminium, there would be a delay for god-knows how long. Heck! Arctic White was beautiful. I have always loved to own a white car. So pure and bright and shiny and clean and dreamy and *smacks* Wake up! White is NOT for lazy people. End of story. They have Sky Blue. One word. Yucks!

Now why would I change cars so often, you ask. Here's the reason why. And truly, there is only ONE reason. When I first bought the Suzuki Swift, I was still single. And then I got married. And then a little one came along. And then I had to get a stroller. And then *beep*! That stroller can't fit into the boot. So I upgraded to the Suzuki SX4. And I could get that stroller in comfortably. And then the next little one came along. And then I had to get another stroller. And then *beep BEEP*! 2 strollers can't fit into the boot. So I upgraded yet again to the Mazda CX5. And it could fit 2 strollers (or more) comfortably but STOP! I'm not adding anymore strollers into the boot, aight?!

See? It's really just ONE reason. S.T.R.O.L.L.E.R.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Greenfreshing again

I came across the photo of my cubicle plant yesterday (when I was spring cleaning the photo storage) and was actually shocked to be reminded of how beautiful and lushes the leaves used to be when I first bought it. One hanging plant didn't survive the environment but the other have been with me for 7 long years. In the past 2 years, however, the leaves had grown long and thin, probably malnourished from the lack of fertilizers and been filled with nothing but cold, unhealthy air in the office. Just last month, the leaves dried up and I had to bid it goodbye.

For 2 weeks, it was just an empty shell hanging at my cubicle but I know I'd like it to be green again. So I bought a new indoor plant from IKEA for only RM1.90 and re-potted into the shell yesterday, obviously inspired by the photo reminder. So look! I have a new plant now, in a preloved shell it can call home.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Today, I sneaked into my garden to check on the weeds. I like it quiet and private. Ah, the fertilizers did a great job. No weeds, no withers, only bright and happy flowers. Just need some seedlings. So today, I am here to sow a seed.

I was chatting with a friend a few weeks ago. He told me that his friend was having some marital problems because the wife happened to log into Google+ and found photos of her hubby with another woman (read as "having an affair"). Obviously bothered by the case of privacy invasion (no, I don't condone affairs but how on earth can Google+ be so "loose" if you know what I mean), I logged into mine, just to see what's in there because I have never bothered.

And so I found a whole load of photos and they were all blog related (or google-account related) in this comfortable storage. And without a password, you wouldn't be able to log in to view anything. I did some spring cleaning that day but knew that I would return to do more.

So today, I have been cleaning since morning and finally got it prim and proper, clean and neat.

And today, as I clicked through photos and cross-referencing them with my blogposts, my mind was prodded and awakened by the emotions captured in my writing. The emotions that were expressed in every post ever written in the past many years. Reading my posts again reminded me of my love for blogging in the first place. It's a much needed personal space. In the world of facebook and twitter, I find solace in the qwerty of a blog diary. Ah, whirlwind.

Today had been productive. All thanks to a friend.