Monday, June 29, 2015

Instant noodles

You know, no matter how healthy I am (I'd like to think that I am, sometimes), I still enjoy a bowl of my favourite Maggie instant noodles with eggs and occasionally, veges. For those who know me well, I only like Maggie brand, chicken flavour WITH egg although sometimes, curry flavour tastes good on a cold, rainy day...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Organising meat

What is it with that post title, you may ask? Heh, heh!

Saturday morning is my busiest morning of the week. I go to the wet market before the sun peeks through and buy my meat fresh and early - fish, chicken, pork. And when I get home, I wash each and every piece of them, clean them, cut them, separate them into daily uses and store them into labelled freezer bags.

So there! It IS what it is. Organising meat. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marina Bay Sands

It's wonderful to get to stay at the Marina Bay Sands at the expense of my company. What luxury, right? 4 days 3 nights at a rate of RM1,500.00 per night (USD460) felt kinda heavenly. Obviously I wasn't there for all fun and play. I was actually there to attend a Cloud and Big Data conference (some jargon there, eh?). Anyways, Singapore isn't at all new to me. It used to be an annual affair where I would go twice a year but my last visit there was at least 5 years ago. Some gap there. The Singapore Flyer wasn't there yet and obviously Marina Bay Sands was non-existent then.

This was the first photo I took while standing just outside of the Louis Vuitton deck, a stand-alone crystal building atop the waters (worth mentioning). It was a breezy and peaceful night. I was wasting some time waiting for the water and light show to start just outside of Marina Bay Sands entrance. It is played to the public at 8pm and 930pm daily.

I will share more photos (of my room and the surroundings) in my personal travelogue, for those who knows.

As for now, I'm just too lazy to write more. Till next update!