Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bye SX4

How long has it been since I owned you, dear SX4? By finger calculation, that's a month short of 4 beautiful, problem-free years. Hmm, now why is it that this sentence sounded so familiar? That's because this is the 2nd time I have sold my car(s) a month short of them being 4 years old.

I'm just blogging this down for memory because who knows, I may just scroll through the history of the cars I have once owned to relive the moment for a bit.

Dear SX4, I'm really sorry I haven't really bathed you often enough that even on the day I gave you away, you were still covered in soot. And I'm sorry I kinda neglected you for almost a year because of her. But that said, I have showered you with a lot of love and I have always kept you clean from the inside out. I didn't really want anybody to be attracted to you physically (from the outside) because I know I would be heartbroken if they were to steal you away from me. So the soot did a good job hiding you from suitors. I wish you all the best as you walk down the aisle away from me and hope that one day, we will meet in the eye again... xoxo Primrose

Monday, June 29, 2015

Instant noodles

You know, no matter how healthy I am (I'd like to think that I am, sometimes), I still enjoy a bowl of my favourite Maggie instant noodles with eggs and occasionally, veges. For those who know me well, I only like Maggie brand, chicken flavour WITH egg although sometimes, curry flavour tastes good on a cold, rainy day...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Organising meat

What is it with that post title, you may ask? Heh, heh!

Saturday morning is my busiest morning of the week. I go to the wet market before the sun peeks through and buy my meat fresh and early - fish, chicken, pork. And when I get home, I wash each and every piece of them, clean them, cut them, separate them into daily uses and store them into labelled freezer bags.

So there! It IS what it is. Organising meat. :)