Saturday, March 25, 2006


"What makes you happy?"

"Lots but today, circles."


"Yeah, anything that is round makes me happy. I like circles. See the loops of this bracelet? Wearing it makes me happy."


"I don't know. I like pearls too. See these earstuds? When I put them on in the morning, they seem to make me happy. Why don't you tell me why?"

"Hmm, I think perhaps a circle makes things complete. A circle indicates that something is whole. Maybe it gives you positive vibes. That's why."

Complete? Whole? Positive vibes? I think I'm far from that at this moment in reality. In fact, on the contrary. My spirits are low, my brain cells are sluggish and something's bothering me but for now, anything round cheers me. That was the reason for the automatic choice when my hands reached out into my jewellery box, for a bracelet of loops and a pair of dainty pearls this morning. Looks like the sticky chewy chocolate ice cream didn't work its way up my brain.


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if thats the case, u should see me today....i'm round....lolz
foodcrazee | Homepage | 25.03.06 - 4:55 pm | #


Poor thing..! i hope everything works out..! take care.. princess..!
there are days when i feel this way too.. but i'll get over it. .because of my brat..hehhehe!!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 25.03.06 - 10:08 pm | #


For those of us who can remember back to 1972, there was a song about this. Written by Harry Chapin, sung by The New Seekers:
"All my life's a circle"
Friend For Life | 26.03.06 - 10:31 am | #


i have a thing for pearls lately. I need a necklace to complete the set heh heh
cyber-red | Homepage | 27.03.06 - 11:34 pm | #


OMG I Like circles too! I think because they remind me of donuts.

Mmmm...Doh Nuts!
Imran | Homepage | 29.03.06 - 12:07 am | #


It's sort of a therapy for us, I myself found to love the color of pink and brown nowadays and I really feel good about it!
arGlene | 29.03.06 - 11:51 am | #


Hei foodcrazee, does it mean at other times, you're square? Hehe

Chloe will make a good therapy for mood swings, Mama Bok.

Hei FFL, don't know the song. *shrug* Sing for me?

If you're ever going to KK, the Filipino market there's great for pearl shopping, Reta.

Doh nuts, Imran? Reminds me to Homer Simpson.

Hi Arglene, colour therapy works too. Green seems to work for me great!
Primrose | Homepage | 29.03.06 - 2:08 pm | #


My PrincEss, I'll gladly sing for you. I'd dance for you. I'd run a mile bare foot over broken glass for you. I'd swim the widest ocean. I'd climb the highest mountain. Whatever it would take, I'd do it for you, just to see your smile and the sparkle in your eyes one more (or would that be 'one last'?) time.
Friend For Life | 29.03.06 - 8:52 pm | #


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