Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Big eye queen

And I'm referring to the queen of the house - my mum.

I walked into the living room. Million was hovering around my legs and prancing up my knees. I hastened my pace and stepped up to the lounge. I unlatched my work bag from my arms with a soft thud on the table. I removed my pair of pearl earrings and my watch from my left wrist. Million, who was sniffing and licking my toes, was seeking my attention. I was ready to carry and shower him with some love and care when my mum stepped up to the lounge in less than five steps to join me at the table.

"Eh, look at these tour packages," she said in an excited voice, showing me different leaflets which she has very neatly arranged on the table for my reference.

I made a quick glance. "Ok. So which is which and how much?" I asked, pointing to one of the leaflets.

"Oh this is from this tour agency and it's this much," she offered.
She continued offering information. "This is from another and it's this much. This covers this place. That covers that."

"Ok. So this X agency which we asked about previously is offering this?"

"Tsk! You not listening! When did I show you the leaflet from X agency?"

"I saw you write the name here. See?" I said, pointing to some scribbles on a particular leaflet and feeling a little upset that she raised her voice at me.

"No, I said this is from this tour agency and it's this much," she repeated in a huff.

I sensed a hint of frustration. "Ok. So is the price better than X agency?" I asked calmly.

"Tsk! You not listening! I don't have the information from X agency. You want it, you go get it yourself! As if I would go there to get it!"

"Look mum. I just came home from work, I'm tired and all I want is just a hot shower and some rest. We'll talk about this tomorrow, ok?"

I didn't want to continue the conversation. I moved away from the table, scooped Million up into my arms and played with him on the sofa in the living room.

Irritated that I walked away and still wanting a final answer from me, mum continued in a temperamental tone. "You'd better let me know by tomorrow. All dates are full already."

"I can't answer you tomorrow yet," I replied firmly but equally irritated.

Dad who was listening in, budged into the conversation casually. "This is not planning for a holiday. This is going for a holiday by force."

"Shut up lar, you!" Mum barked at dad. Poor thing.

"Don't want to go, don't go!" Mum's voice in crescendo. "Don't go! I don't want to go already!" And she reached for the remote control and increased the volume of the tv.

I was seated quietly on the sofa with Million contented on my lap. Sigh.

Disagreements, disagreements. What's wrong with people at home? Is it them, is it me or is it home? Maybe mum's just going through menopause. Bleh!

I don't want to be home.

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*hugs tight*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 21.03.06 - 2:41 am | #


*huggies* relaz lil sis......be glad mum is still around! you will appreciate them at a later age...cheer up!
foodcrazee | Homepage | 21.03.06 - 7:01 pm | #


whatudu berudu | 21.03.06 - 10:36 pm | #


Aww... she just wants your attention. Hugs for you dear.
bkworm | Homepage | 21.03.06 - 11:01 pm | #


sings* we all live in a dysfunctional little familyyyyyyy

hugs cant beat my drama anytime babe..tell u another time
cyber-red | Homepage | 22.03.06 - 12:40 am | #


It sounds like your mum needs a holiday.
Friend For Life | 24.03.06 - 9:26 pm | #


I understood your situation and feeling but sometime we have no choice and face to face it.. Anyway please think positive side of it and this will make you feel a little better..
choo | 26.03.06 - 6:03 pm | #


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