Saturday, March 18, 2006

Big eye king

I have always been the softer one, the gentler one, the girlish one, the submissive one, definitely the weaker one. Big Eye King has always been the firmest one, the strongest one, the loudest one, the roughest one, definitely the biggest bully I have ever encountered.

We would mock each other but she condescends. We would throw sarcasm at each other but she's a sarcasist (I just invented this word) expert in the crudest way. We would fling at each other in physical fights but I would end up losing. Spark and spittle fly around when we argue but she would win hands down. All my decisions will be thrown with a cold blanket and squashed with disagreeable negative comments which comes to me like a splat. Nothing I do is right in her eyes. Although there is a streak of kindness in her once in a while, nothing measures close to overshadowing that empowering cruelty in her.

Why can't anybody be kinder to mere mortals like me? But blood is thicker than water. My eldest sister probably just doesn't see things from my perspective. Though I can only have that much patience, I must always remember that patience is a virtue. I can only prove to her that life can always be better even without her and I'm working at it on my own.

Lord give me the strength to stand great nonsense from her and turn a deaf ear to whatever poison she's spitting at me.


Note: Big Eye King is a nick given to her by my parents and it still prevails

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haih what's with dysfunctional family these days.. just ignore her and lead ur own life ay? hugs.
cyber-red | Homepage | 19.03.06 - 12:23 am | #


huh ? cyber red is right..just ignored we says F**k it..
foodcrazee | Homepage | 19.03.06 - 12:57 pm | #


Tell Big Eye King that if she doesn't treat you with the respect and dignity a PrincEss deserves, she's going to have to answer to me.
Friend For Life | 19.03.06 - 7:50 pm | #


you should feel more scared of the "no eye snake"... muahahahh
michaelooi | Homepage | 19.03.06 - 11:38 pm | #


Ahh....the strange love between sisters. Have you watched 'In Her Shoes'? Nice movie about sisters.
bkworm | Homepage | 20.03.06 - 8:30 am | #


read this with my eyes wide open and still alive. don't know about being queen though!
Hey, have a nice Sundae, Mondae...
SalleyedPincessDae also-can-lah!
ylchong | Homepage | 20.03.06 - 10:20 am | #


That's not so bad I think. I had to put up with 3 elder brothers while growing up. And also had to put up with parent's high hopes and live up to their expectations when my other brothers didn't. I'm scarred for life.
Imran | Homepage | 20.03.06 - 8:59 pm | #


Hi Reta / foodcrazee. I already am. That's why I have to have enough patience to put up with people who's trying to exert control.

Hi FFL, don't think that will work. Let's just ignore her, shall we?

Wah! You offering ah, michaelooi?

Hei bkworm! No I haven't. Maybe I should. We have always had problems seeing a piece of white paper, white.

Hi Desi, how about trying to be King of Kings?

Not so bad, Imran? Well, I guess everyone's got their own way of defining things. *shrug*
Primrose | Homepage | 20.03.06 - 11:29 pm | #


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