Monday, January 16, 2006

Sod off tag

Thank you so much for the tag, Imran. The first for 2006.

The tag requires me to:
1) Write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:

- I
- me
- blowjob
- grapes
- random
- power
- loneliness
- water
- robot
- blue

2) Your essay must make some kind of sense.

3) Send to 5 people

I initially gave this meme post a blank stare and have requested a non-bloggie to attempt this for me. Raven gladly obliged with a marvelous entry but I then decided that I wanted to take this up because of an unwelcomed email in my inbox. I suddenly realised that this meme post came very timely indeed. So in about 230 words, I wrote my factual and true entry:

You see, I am very pissed off with you. Yes you, you bitchy hypocrite. Stop sending me emails. In fact, stop coming by my blog. What are you trying to prove? That the honey of the blooms in this garden is so sweet you love sucking it?

Hey, go use your smelly mouth on something more useful, will you? Like give some arsehole out there a limpy blowjob if you so wish to prove your skills. And while you are ramming your throat, why don't you shove one or two rotten grapes up your nostrils? You can be assured of random orgasmic effects full of power and ooommph! And just in case solo you are concerned of loneliness, [tsk tsk tsk] why don't you go invite shitheads like Mr Baldy or Ms Bummy or even Ms Botox to join you? Oh, and while you are at it, please tell StainTeeth that her perfume stinks the hell out of everyone in her hive?

Stop sending pretentious emails, you [insert your own profanity adjective], will you, or buckets of water from the stinking stench will douche your malodorous canal. No wait! Perhaps you would prefer a missile of ice cubes shooting you at your brainless farked up head by a robot machine?

Now fuck off with all your other pretentious morons before ah choke you fool blue and squash you under mah feet!

Sod off!

Dear bloggers, I'm in no mood to tag anyone. Feel free to tag yourselves.

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That's the creative & darkside of primrose.
amy chen | 16.01.06 - 3:48 pm | #


Oh, didn't pickup Engrish words, Reader's Digest style, prim, prime and proper.
Oh, The Impish One led thee into Da Dark Woods...
Dragon belly fool of fire, don't cross this FlowerGrow.'!
ylchong | Homepage | 16.01.06 - 4:15 pm | #


Whoa! This is surely not what I wrote *LOL* So much fire in the normally sweet and friendly Primrose. Come, come, let me buy you a Horlik tarik to soothe them nerves
raven | 16.01.06 - 4:56 pm | #


Wei, wei wei whoever you are bugger off and go f...... yourself. You are not welcome here.
chiki | 16.01.06 - 6:39 pm | #


Well done Primrose, your story is so much better than mine. I would love to pick your brains to see how you could come up with such a wonderful story.
Imran | Homepage | 16.01.06 - 8:55 pm | #


Amy: Everyone has "the other side" but blogs are as such. Express as how you want it, yes?

Desi: Don't cross this FlowerGrow, this is as far as Primrose will go.

raven: You say one ha! Milo kau kosong also can.

chiki: Thank you.

Imran: You reckon? A triggered reaction by arseholes, that's how.
Primrose | Homepage | 17.01.06 - 12:29 am | #



lolz. a good one there
foodcrazee | 17.01.06 - 9:22 pm | #


woah.. you ARE pissed off LOL
cyber-red | Homepage | 17.01.06 - 11:25 pm | #


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