Sunday, August 14, 2005

Thunder-strucked fools

Ahh, there is thunder growling fiercely at last. I'd bet many are waiting for the rain to pour cats and dogs, not just teeny, dusty trickles. That would clear the haze up a little and allow some fresh air into our lungs.

Have you ever felt that dull ache in the heart, like an invisible pierce of a knife? It strikes when you think of somebody you miss dearly. It comes when silence gets unbearable. It happens when memories flood back. It pinches you when words you don't want to hear from a loved one is said. Have you ever? It stays for just a mere 5 seconds, long enough for you to notice the pressure which automatically triggers the mind to remember at least one event? Have you ever?

"I so want to see you, want to talk to you."
"Yes, talk."
"But the radio is just too loud and noisy."
"I've got my nephew with me."
"Uhmm, so?"
"And my mother just told me that there's a gathering in my house."
"Didn't you know about it?"
"No, it was last minute and I'm expected to do this, this and this. I've got to go."
"B..b..but I want to talk to you."
"I'll call someone later, ok?"
"That later almost always never comes."
"I've got to go."
"Sigh. It's always like that, isn't it? I want to talk and you need to go."
"Say that once more and I'll never call again."

And before?

"You have me to run to if you have any problems."
"You know there's no one else."
"I want to be the only one."

There are just too many fools around.

Puki Bionic for one. She's a fool who knows that she is a fool, yet wanted to pretend that she's no fool by doing things only fools do.

Lanchiau BoogerBaldy is another. He doesn't know he is a fool but did things on purpose which screamed "call me a fool, call me a fool now!"

Chauhai StainTeeth is the new addition to the court. She thinks she isn't a fool but she stuck bananas up her own ass, talks cock and played games that only fools in fools' world play.

Kamlan HorseTail was an unknown fool but he has now made himself a visible fool. He struts around the court, blow into the air and say "hey, you fool! Make me one too!"

Cheebye BigMouth is just another Puki. She's a fool who's afraid to be a fool but had to listen to other fools and be a fool to fool the fools in fools' world.

Fools. Can't do with them yet can't do without them.

Currently listening to: Morse code on ham radio
Random observation: Happy hour soon. Whee!

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Very lost there.. Princess.. hahahah!!
Big BoK | Homepage | 15.08.05 - 12:09 am | #


Oh wow... i can't believe i see those words in your blog.


minishorts | Homepage | 16.08.05 - 4:13 pm | #


I agree with Minishorts... Morse code, indeed!
Friend For Life | 16.08.05 - 7:23 pm | #


Wahhh, happy hour! Why didn't invite me wor? *POUTS*
amy chen | 16.08.05 - 8:32 pm | #


Heh, heh! Pissed off ma. Yeah, THE morsecode of the day. :D

Aiyah Amy, you also dun drink wan. How to invite lek?
Primrose | Homepage | 17.08.05 - 12:46 am | #


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