Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Life anew

I haven't posted for more than a week. I hope no one missed me. Ok, ok, I hope someone actually did. Bequeathed this space to both my guest bloggers but they have obviously gone off having a jolly good time under the sun. La tida tida!

Pardon me but my mind's a little incoherent, somewhat cluttered for now. Too relaxed. I finally managed to set time aside for myself, observing myself, serving myself, teaching myself to be myself and I. Me-time certainly did little wonders, if not too much. My eyebags aren't that heavy anymore. The black eye rings gradually diminishing. The frown lines on my forehead ironing out. My overall skin texture appeared plumped up, less drying. My migraine spells sure got buried in the pot. My nails gave a pink hue which wasn't there before. Oh, and my bowel movements regulating well. But heck, my laughter lines deepened. My waistline slightly rounded, accentuated rather. My time voraciously devoured. My eyes tired from ravaging long awaited novels. Who the h*ll cares? Ignorance is bliss.

For once, it's a real break. A break without any worries, any burden, any responsibilities to shoulder. It's a relief to have a blank mind sometimes. You know, the good kind of blank. Sure, life comes to a halt sometimes. Worse, it brings you to some crossroads at some point. Sure, life forces you to make life-altering or gut-wrenching decisons. Sure, life brings you through trials and tribulations. Sure, life is always up and running 24/7 with no time to spare but don't forget to pause. There will come a time when you will need to stop and focus. Take some time off to focus on yourself. At least you owe yourself that because you're worth it.

Ahh, life afresh
With a dash of zest
Say, start your quest
On a positive breath

A life. A new life. A new breath of life. She's only 2 days old, cooing adorably with thick black baby hair, rosy cheeks, button nose, perfectly formed ears, beautifully shaped lips and err, blowing bubbles. Congratulations, Sim!

5 flowers for this post
and you took her first picture... and it's in your blog. that's nice...
michaelooi | Homepage | 23.08.05 - 8:15 pm | #


What is this life if, full of care
We have no time to stand and stare?
(Leisure -WH Davies)

I have time to visit thy garden, primroses
Think I like the blooms here
As I promised thee at your call
I'm returning the courtsey, maidens all.
ylchong | Homepage | 23.08.05 - 10:19 pm | #


cute kid leh.
Vagus | Homepage | 24.08.05 - 11:08 am | #


Get rested and get refreshed..! you deserve it.
Big BoK | Homepage | 24.08.05 - 10:08 pm | #


michaelooi: Too bad I'm not the 'khai ma'. Somebody 'claimed' the title liau. heh!

ylchong: There were some "past blooms" in archive but it's down at the moment. You might like what you see there too! :P Thanks for coming by to plant a seed.

Vagus: All babies are cute, ain't they? Play bubbles some more. Hehe!

Hi MamaBok, thanks. Yes, everything left me pretty drained. I'm picking up on rest now. My flowers are well watered! :D
Primrose | Homepage | 25.08.05 - 10:52 am | #


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