Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I have things to write about yet my fingers couldn't punch the right keys. My mind's heavy with thoughts yet nothing is forming logical sense. I have lots to say but I'm at a loss of words.

Many things do not need an explanation. They just happen but for a reason. Believe in fate sometimes. It leads you to finding what your heart desires.

*sigh* It's a sign of "those" moods again. It's coming, it's coming! Arggghhhhh! How depressing. I really should go to bed. Goodnight now.

It's 12.34am darling, come to my dreams...

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Wei Wei. Aiyo why d sad looking face?? CNY round the corner. Wear red and cheer up. V go for yee sang, OK
chiki | 24.01.06 - 8:05 am | #


moods eh?
how about CNY mood -- ample notice about a G7 meet with fellow Bloggers on Chap Goh Mei eve next to aaaaaaaaaaa Croc Farm Restron -- if we are steal hungry after seven course, we can try fishing for a croc -- no tears one! Se ya come Feb 11, 7.30pm...Chow!
ylchong | Homepage | 24.01.06 - 5:51 pm | #


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