Monday, October 18, 2004

Buzzing low

Work seemed to be such a convenient excuse at most times.
"Oh, I'm sorry I have forgotten to return your call because I was just so busy with work"
"Sorry for the delay in my reply but I have been really busy"
"Hi there, sorry I couldn't reply to your sms because I was just so caught up with work"
"Aww, I've got to say no to dinner because I can't seem to finish my work"
"This weekend? But I've got to work"

Funny but I find myself staring at my 'puter screen for ages at most times without actually doing any work. I could just be fiddling with the mouse and scrolling whatever page up and down. I could spend the entire day on hoping to get a good deal by winning some bids. I could also spend a few hours on ebay to see if there are any nice items on sale. Just the other day, I spent almost 6 hours building other people's websites for them (hey, I could start charging by the hour). I love bouncing e-mails back and forth with friends who were just as free - LIVE. Oh, the joy of seeing "You've got mail" on the screen every 5 seconds or so. I could do that throughout the entire work day.

Now it's no wonder I can't leave the office early because towards the end of the day, it dawned on me that I haven't done a single task and I would start feeling guilty. *smack hands* Naughty, naughty! Hmm, on second thoughts, maybe I just love my workstation sooooo bloody much I'd rather stay than go home.

Oh no, don't give me that you-didn't-do-work look, bebeh! I still perform and that's what I call the skills of multi-tasking and I'm goooood. Pffftt!


It's already October and I should be getting busy again with the exhibition around the corner, which will be in less than 3 weeks. Surprisingly, I don't have much deadlines to meet this time around. Maybe I was too efficient. Bleh! Our new queen StainTeeth wore her crown this morning and boy will there be many meetings lined up to brief her on what we do around the hive ... buzz, buzz!

Current emotions: Agitated (I have had a four-finger Kit Kat)
Random observation: I've got an itch *scratch, scratch*
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