Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Matters of the soul

I was reading some blogs on blogspot when I came across one who wrote about soulmates. Below is an excerpt of what he has written:

Firstly, as of late (and by late I am referring to the time between February and now), I have been pondering more and more often upon the idea of soul-mates... that is, the idea that there exists in this world a person whose soul is perfectly suited to spend the remainder of their life (both mortal and eternal) with your soul, bonded together in harmony. My ideas have flitted back and forth over the thought that God has placed within my reach one such person. That person would be the epitome of what my heart and soul have sought for well over a decade. As I think upon such ideas, one person comes to mind. This person doesn't preoccupy my mind in any sort of overt sense, but she sits in the fringes of my thoughts, sometimes just out of range of my perceptions in a manner, which is comforting... like we've known each other for decades and its enough to know that person is there. However, sometimes she is at the forefront of my thoughts, just as she is now. An image of her smile; the lingering sensation of her embrace; the sound of her voice... At these times, the comfort wells up like a spring, filling me with joy at the mere thought of her.

Primrose has written a reply to that post:
I read this blog with a feeling of deja vu. I used to think that there was a soulmate waiting for me but after a few unsuccessful relationships, I figured I didn't believe about soulmates after all...

I calculated chinese horoscopes, indian numerology, western stars *shakes head* Nope, doesn't work that way.

Tell me what I can do to feel more fulfilled.

Blogger has replied to Primrose:
Primrose, I can't give you a recipe for spiritual fulfillment that is guaranteed to work for everyone. However, I can tell you from where my fulfillment comes. All throughout my youth I always had this nagging feeling that something was missing. During college I finally began going to church with a friend. Through that church, I began to understand what the emptiness inside me was. Eventually, I committed my life to Jesus Christ. It has made all the difference in the world for me. Like you, I've had more than a few unsuccessful relationships... but through all of it I somehow knew that none of them were my soulmate. But, I have a promise from God that says "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" I know, without a doubt, that God has a person in mind for me... perfectly matched for me. And he'll make sure that we have the opportunity to spend our lives with one another. But, even if I didn't know this, I would still be fulfilled, because it isn't any friendship or romance that gives me fulfillment. Its only by my commitment to Jesus Christ, that I can ever find fulfillment. It wouldn't matter if I was a poor man without a home to live in, or the richest man in the world... I am content no matter what my circumstances... it doesn't matter if I have my soulmate by my side or if we are 10,000 miles apart. I will still be fulfilled either way.

Yes, I know Jeremiah, chapter 29, verse 11. It's a calling...

Current emotions: Lethargic (I pumped myself with coffee on purpose)
Random observation: I'm not in a good mood
Mental note to self: Brush my teeth in a while to avoid staining the teeth

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With tender loving care, my dear it will bloom again......
CK | Email | 23.10.04 - 1:21 pm


CK: Oh dear, it rained SO heavily the flower actually died. Now how will it be revived?
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 22.10.04 - 6:29 pm


It rained.....
CK | Email | 22.10.04 - 11:06 am


CK: And if it doesn't? Will you shower the dying flower?
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 21.10.04 - 1:45 pm


It will rain today, dear princess....
CK | Email | 21.10.04 - 9:27 am


CK: Didn't expect you to drop by this way to read my thoughts... Yes, foul mood. The flower refuses to bloom in spring. I think it's waiting for the summer rain... Pooh!
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 20.10.04 - 10:46 pm


You are in a foul mood and drank coffee and about to brush your teeth. Hyper? Will call later then...
CK | Email | 20.10.04 - 3:50 pm


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