Monday, December 31, 2007

Epilogue of 2007

I am on Chapter 12, page 364. I am trying to summon an ounce of inspiration to write the Epilogue for my novel. I have been sitting here for the past 3 hours, having read the Prologue and all of 12 chapters, reflecting on what was written and the chronology of events. My novel, 2007, is non-fiction and is based on a true story.

Flipping back the chapters, 2007 has treated me fairly well. Thanks to you Limpa, for the pair of rose quartz Mandarin Ducks. "Tie the ducks with a red string for love luck," you have advised me. With the compass you included in the box, I have indeed placed it in the southwest of my bedroom and after a couple of months, I think the ducks worked its quack. At last, I am not placed second to nothing but top priority. I am not just someone on stand-in to fill the blanks, instead, I felt belonged. No more empty promises, empty talks. No more waiting, no more uncertainty. The jigsaw fitted and I felt complete. I am happy.

As the chapters unveiled, many relationships found a way of being strengthened. Some unfortunate few met complete closure and faltered while some knots loosened and fell off the radar. A rare few are on the recovery while new ones are on the way to blossoming.

I conquered a lot more Musicals this year, I know, and I always say I'm no fan of movies. Actually I (still) am not but you know what? I caught up with 15 movies this year! It all started off with Blood Diamond, Flyboys, Babel, Blood & Chocolates, Ghost Rider, Mr Bean's Holiday, Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Transformers, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Simpsons Movie, Die Hard 4.0 and Hairspray - in that order and somewhere in between, Prot├ęge, before all movies stopped for the year. That was when I got busy and never had another chance to stop by the cinema. In-between chapters, I got myself DVD-addicted to dramas like Grey's Anatomy, occasionally House and Desperate Housewives too. And just last week, I watched all three episodes of cantonese drama, Infernal Affairs. Quite a good watch. And my highlight of the year? I finally watched the Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) which I have never attempted once when it was a craze. Holy Moly! Am I turning into a movie buff? Please stop me!

Although my novel doesn't mention much about work, it is an eye-opener to work in the government, for the government, under the purview of a ministry. I've learnt so much in terms of work ethics (or the lack of), jargons that the industry uses (that doesn't make much sense), the kind of shit work I do, shit people I meet and work for, shit stuff I know (at country level including minister preferences in fonts used!!). My work load is on an erratic scale. So is the pressure related to it, not forgetting the stress. Despite all that, I do see myself staying a while longer, all for the perks and benefits they offer. Enough said.

2007 also pushed me and tested my financial limits for a bit. I was finally bold enough to put all talk into action by trading off my old car for a new spanking red hot!. Did you think I could have done this alone? Hell, no! Thanks to those who have directly and indirectly helped me financially and non-financially tick off my wishlist for a new set of wheels. I recently also had the courage to finally put a booking for a condo unit I can call my very own. Roof over my head, I always say. You cannot imagine the hours I spent visiting showrooms and repeatedly falling in love with almost all of them before I finally decided on the one I wanted. Did you think I would reveal the location of my new roof? Hell, no! It's a secret.

With that in Chapters 10 and 11, there isn't much space left for documenting any major travels in the book although I did visit some beaches over some weekends and travelled down south to Singapore, twice. I hope 2008 will bring forth some interesting travels. Who knows, a honeymoon may be in order. *winks*

I finished the final sentence in Epilogue. I am satisfied. I sigh with self-content. It's now the wee hours of the final day of the year. I gladly close the cover of my novel. I have completed page 365. Coda.

Cheers to 2007 and welcome 2008. For me, it will be a new beginning. A new chapter.

Have a great New Year! Goodnight. Good morning.

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Well.. you did really good.. Princess.. !! and another good year for you in 2008 ya..
PS : new found love..??
Mama BoK | Homepage | 01.01.08 - 4:18 am | #


As usual, very well written, Cheers to 2008! Here's to a great year ahead!

& thank you for the nice person that you are to me...

P.S. I noticed the 'Live Traffic Feed' and wondered why the address states 'Cuenca'. he he I'm no way came from there. It's 'Bauan' to be specific. Anyways, that's cool! :p
Lene | Homepage | 01.01.08 - 6:22 pm | #


Happy New Year 2008 to you as well. Hope that the new year will bring you wedding bells.
imran | Homepage | 01.01.08 - 9:24 pm | #


Happy New Year 2008 Primrose
James | Homepage | 02.01.08 - 12:13 am | #


nicely done. liked the idea of a novel. i'm anticipating the *honeymoon* part ;p

happy new year primrose! may u bloom in 2008
kruy | Homepage | 03.01.08 - 2:30 pm | #


It is a truly amazing post. Well Written.

Happy New Year~!
charlene | Homepage | 06.01.08 - 10:23 am | #


Happy New Year sweetie! *big hug* Wow! That is sure a good achievement for you. I am also writing, but for work. Gah... progressing very very slow, no good. But I promise myself this year must work much harder. I think I watched more than 20 movies last year. :P Well, that is the only entertainment that I can get easily in my living area, besides simple supermarket groceries.
fish fish | Homepage | 08.01.08 - 12:27 am | #


What an interesting novel. Got Romance. Got villa. Got sports car.

Can't wait for your next novel '2008'. Hehe.
titoki | Homepage | 14.01.08 - 11:46 am | #


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