Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Swifting the highway

I've procrastinated long enough to post this up but as promised from the last post, here is the proof of my best birthday. *widest grin*

I've sold my 11-year-old, faithful green Toyota SEG 1.6

...for a brand new Suzuki Swift 1.5 in hot sexy red!!

Suzuki was supposed to make a birthday delivery. Unfortunately, excise duty took a longer time to clear than expected. Now you know why I've been so busy. The amount of thinking I did on which car to trade in for, was hard and long. After much deliberation and many visits to different car showrooms later, I've decided that this RM72,000 Suzuki Swift (CKD model) would give my front porch a blazing boost! So there! I've been SWIFTing the highway in blazing red for 2 weeks now.

Allow me to give a very brief review on the Swift:
1) The Swift is shorter in both length and height compared to the MyVi
2) 15" alloy rims, hence the stability compared to the MyVi
3) Exterior is nothing short of breathtaking
4) Safety features are great for single lady drivers: Dual airbags, ABS, EBD, driver-door-unlocking-only at one click of car controller
5) Front fog lamps
6) Boot opens by pushing a rubber button. Sleek indeed!
7) Fuel efficient
8) Interior as shown. Too lazy to describe its leather-wrapped steering, the built-in radio, the well-designed gear shift and the metre cluster

My overall take on the Swift? "You're gonna be a guy magnet," someone teased. So look out for cute lil' me when you notice a red Swift blazing past you on the highway. *winky winks*

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I figure you must have liked the ride a couple of years ago in my little red Suzuki Swift! We've got the same thing now, except yours is much newer (and cleaner). Good choice. They are a very reliable, dependable car.
Friend For Life | 17.10.07 - 10:13 am | #


oh wow, i was thinking about getting a white one for myself ^^

sooo... when can i expect a ride? *winks*
g. | Homepage | 17.10.07 - 2:42 pm | #


Cool~~~ sweetie, this car matches you. Tell me if any hot hunks get hooked on the... ehhem... car. *big grin*
fish fish | Homepage | 18.10.07 - 2:10 am | #


Very nice gift indeed..! i love red cars.. and yes.. i think the car and you go together..
Mama BoK | Homepage | 18.10.07 - 9:51 am | #


wow, what a little hottie. wish i can get a car for a birthday present....sigh!
bkworm | 18.10.07 - 1:17 pm | #


whoa... best birthday indeed. we can fully understand your absence on the blogsphere indeed, u should spend more time with ur baby ;p
kruy | Homepage | 18.10.07 - 5:52 pm | #


of course it's da best birthday, a new cool car!!! really cool.. i actually love this model, it's one cute car! :D
MeiyeN | Homepage | 19.10.07 - 1:38 pm | #


I know nothing about cars, but this one is girl-y, blazing red! =p

Swift away girl!
Lene | 20.10.07 - 8:01 pm | #


FFL: Yes, I remember the "Grace of Uki" ride.

g.: Seems that a white Swift is a Limited Edition. A ride anytime. *double winks*

fishfish: My car gets stares on the road. Or were they staring at the driver? Ahem!

Mama Bok: Indeed! My bank account is down to zero but it's worth every penny. There was an orange Swift but unfortunately, orange is fully imported and it cost 20k more. Red's still great!!

bkworm: Err...I oso got yellow Sport Swift, scale of 1:60, mini toy. I can give you. :D

kruy: Baby indeed. Have to clean it, wash it, bath it, drive it, cruise it, speed it.

MeiyeN: My salesman is great and reliable. If you need a referal, you know how to get me.

Lene: I don't know about cars either. I shop around, I see size, I see shape, I see colours, I see price, I count money, I booked, I paid, I waited - now I own it.
Primrose | Homepage | 25.10.07 - 1:11 am | #


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