Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vanishing months

First of all, thank you FFL for posting a birthday entry for me which I only realised this evening while logging in to post this update. And thank you so, so very much dear bloggers for all the lovely wishes. Thank you dear friends for the text messages, phone calls, e-cards, sumptuous lunches and dinners, extravagant pressies, large angpau packets - this is my best birthday. My next post should proof my point too. *winks* Watch this space.


I have been extremely scarce these few months. I can't emphasize enough on how busy I am with various things and events happening in my life at this moment. Nonetheless, it's good progress.

I feel that the months of the year are always vanishing quickly once it hits mid-year. It would start with an upheaving climb uphill January, with very few public holidays right after February, pausing itself around March and April and dragging itself through May and June. But as July balances itself at the tip, it will start rolling itself downhill August, yanking the brakes around September before October sets in and before you know it, November just hides itself and present to us all, a happy white Christmas in December!!

Actually, I can't wait for Christmas. Release the brakes of October and accelerate to November, please. It's quiet time to review how life is advancing...

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brakes and acceleration eh? hints that you're enjoying yourself driving around... how's your new ride?
michaelooiHomepage | 06.10.07 - 9:25 pm | #


I can't wait to hear what's the good news..?? new b/f..???
Mama BoK | Homepage | 07.10.07 - 3:46 am | #


I can't wait for Christmas too. You definitely love driving, ei? =)
Lene | 08.10.07 - 6:47 pm | #


i can't wait for da holidays too! have a good weekend yah and happy raya holidays
MeiyeN | Homepage | 11.10.07 - 11:52 am | #


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