Thursday, January 17, 2008

Limp Biscuits

My sister just returned from some parts of China and brought home some biscuits. I was in giggles this morning when I turned the pack around and read the description.

*Note: Click on image to enlarge

This biscuit is definitely limp in flavour, flat and a no-heat food. It's a beautiful food of lie fallow, old and young fitting and should eat with a cup of weak tea for longer taste. *ROTFLOL*

Can someone tell me if that was a DIRECT translation of this? What does it say?

After reading the description, I can't wait to see what the biscuits look and taste like.

Tada! I attest that this biscuit no include pigment and antiseptic, and drying over little fire.


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Dear Primrose:

Good for byte, gooder for body system, goodest for the brain
Nah mind the Chinoserie Inggeris
It makes thee laugh, it makes Shaekespeare feel obscene
Butt it sure works up my APpetite
I now wanna go Cheena to teach the kuidare
some Prof Hggins exquisite English
Wil Primrose follow Desi dare?
Or after tasting -- is the biscuit such a scare?
ylchong | Homepage | 18.01.08 - 8:13 am | #


Hi Primrose,

yes, it translated it from the english version. Nothing wrong.
charlene | Homepage | 19.01.08 - 1:21 pm | #


Hehehhe!! funnyyyy..!!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 20.01.08 - 2:36 am | #


Errr, does it taste good? I take it it's messy when you're eating it.

Anyways, forgive me, I'm an Oreo lover!

Oh, by the way. I did some changes in my blog and it requires the readers to log-in first, sorry!

I already invited you thru email. I need that private access, it's a bit necessary.
Lene | Homepage | 21.01.08 - 7:29 pm | #


lol... that's really funny! :p
MeiyeN | Homepage | 24.01.08 - 12:02 pm | #


LOL That is sure one true "direct" translation. Good laugh. I am rushing to finish my paper by 31 Jan, grrrrr... Me and my big mouth, a promise to boss is a PROMISE.

Hey dear, I won't be able to go home this year. So have to wait till next year before I can meet you again. Take care. *hug*
fish fish | Homepage | 26.01.08 - 5:24 am | #


Hi Desi, actually the biscuit is not too bad. Slightly sweet, mostly powdery and dry. Still edible.

Hi Char, the English is very wrong though.

I thought so too, Mama Bok and MeiyeN

Hi Lene, too dry for me. Yes, I've accessed your blog. Hope you are not being stalked.

Hey fish fish, take things easy ok? Thank god for a blog to keep us all updated. Don't work too hard and please take care!
Primrose | Homepage | 30.01.08 - 2:14 pm | #


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