Monday, February 05, 2007


I blame it on the full moon. I've watched three movies in three weeks, I shocked myself. Perhaps I just needed the distraction. It keeps the mind sane.

I must have been inspired by movies based on true stories after watching Blood Diamond when I attempted Flyboys. Not too bad for a learn-to-fly-and-trash-some-planes-to-win-the-war-and-fall-in-love World War I re-film, a good attempt to get historically accurate.

Initially, I thought it was referring to the Tower of Babel (in the Old Testament) when I read the title. After the movie, I thought there were some reference to it after all - the different languages, the exploration of issues of miscommunication, the clashes in culture (all reasons by God to make the Tower of Babel reaching heaven impossible by men). Overall, Babel was slightly slow, confusing but thought-provoking, with messages from each segment potrayed strongly though choppy and no apparent link to any common thread until later in the movie. Not highly recommended but might worth a watch (and worth the Brad Pitt) if you've watched all new releases of the month.

Now why is it that I choose movies starting with the alphabet 'B', with a tendency for blood? There was Blood Diamond, then Babel, now Blood and Chocolates. Apart from picturesque shots of Bucharest, Romania, with trees, buildings, fountains and sculptures (which I hope are all real), it's a movie on werewolves with a line that (teen) romance is possible between a werewolf and a man, with no terrifying moments and it's suitable for children under 18. No, it's nothing spectacular compared to Underworld which is more dramatic and hot and action-packed and cleverly-plotted and interestingly directed - in case you're wondering. Don't ask me where the 'chocolates' fit in as far as the title is concerned. I just thought that it might be a teaser that one tastes good to human and the other tastes good to werewolves - on second thoughts, as shapeshifters, BOTH tastes good. Hence, blood and chocolates.

Will being a movie buff in 2007 a new resolution for me?

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i fell asleep halfway watching Blood Diamond, haha.. (at home lah not cinema) perhaps i was too tired ;p
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Girl, I like the new pics on side. ^_^ Good smile as always.
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