Monday, January 22, 2007

Blood Diamond

I watched the film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio over the weekend. The whole movie was pretty slow, buildup wasn't there and the plot was common as cliché.

"Sorry I was in the cinema watching Blood Diamond when you sms-ed. Hmm, don't bother watching if you're not into slow movies."

"You watched Blood Diamond only because of that pussy boy
DiCRAP-pio! Can't act to save his life."

"Eh, that's not the real reason but the movie did receive a hell lot of publicity on the radio like it was some new Bond-must-watch movie like that."

"Haven't you heard of radio CON-mercials?"


Oh what the heck! I did like Leonardo's accent in the movie and his style of ending his sentences with a 'huh' anyway. Apparently, I read that it's authentic Rodhesian accent. Ticket not wasted.

However, I did leave the cinema slightly disturbed by the whole story line and so I've decided to wikipedia it simply. Ah, so it *is* inspired by true facts and a series of events with close reference to actual historical details, with subtle (or strong) messages in between, however you want to absorb it, nudging your conscience to be careful where you buy your diamonds or not buy any at all! Remember: When the buying stops, the killing would too! Heh! Cliché, cliché.

I also read somewhere that De Beers was worried that their sales for diamonds may drop considerably with the release of this movie but seriously, how many of you would actually think about whether you're buying a blood / war / conflict diamond while at the jeweller's? Most would just be buying a diamond simply because, well, you're there for a diamond!

Then again, if the movie could change your perspective on diamond purchases, you can always consider diamond alternatives like cubic zirconia or synthetic, simulated diamonds, right?


As for me, I love all things beautiful but don't worry about diamonds. Pearls suit me fine.

Thank you very much!

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The only thing good about diamonds is that it can be used to cut glass. Other than that, they are just useless rocks (and a wallet wrecker too... go figure...)
michaelooi | Homepage | 23.01.07 - 11:25 pm | #


Yes!! Finally got the comment box to pop up! Dunno what happened all those months ago and dunno if it will happen again. Ooh, I like those ear studs.
bkworm | Homepage | 24.01.07 - 9:57 am | #


Diamionds are a girl's best friend, in deed and in need.
I wonder if it's steal not too late to change my Nama by deed poll to ...s/o "Diamond"?__DEsi
ylchong | 28.01.07 - 1:14 pm | #


watched this movie yesterday and i kinda like it!!!!! as my bf said, all because of leonardo huh? :p :p oh well, maybe?

worst of all, right after da movie my bf keeps on reminding me da cruelty of having bling-bling...
MeiyeN | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 1:00 pm | #


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