Sunday, July 29, 2007

The King and I

And I thought I was going to miss this because I was too broke to buy myself a ticket. Heh! No blinkin way! Not when musicals are a rare scene on our shores AND not when yours truly love musicals. How could I miss a Rodgers & Hammerstein's musical play based on a true story which has won 5 Academy Awards, longest running performance in Broadway history etcetera etcetera etcetera, right?

So there I was at Istana Budaya for the matinee performance of THE KING & I last Sunday (too lazy to post earlier). More than your eyes have ever seen. More than your heart has ever known.

This backdrop caught my attention as I walked into Istana Budaya

Can't help but have myself among the lead actors and actresses

My ticket should have been RM175 but I guess a smile and an enthusiastic chat with the young lad earned me an unexpected 10% discount from the Axcess ticketing outlet @ Rock Corner, Midvalley

The cover of The King & I programme which cost RM25

Steps leading up to the entrance of performance hall

Snapped a picture of a picture of the hall. I was seated at the Grand Circle on the 2nd level. To me, that's the best level for reasonable tickets. Bear in mind that the first 3 rows of the Upper Circle, 3rd level may not be favourable if you're short but ideal if you are not prepared to spend on tickets and don't mind a sneak peek

A very quick snapshot of the view of the stage from my seat. Photography is prohibited in the hall

All in all, it was worth my ticket and my trip there under heavy rain. The King played by Paul Nakauchi, was very humourous. As all matinees shows are, we didn't get to see original Brianna Borger play Anna but Tara Howard was excellent. I love the set, the costumes, the props, the dances, the songs etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

When's the next musical, I wonder?

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didn't know you love musicals so much, i realized. If i had enough time to get away from job, i wish i could really study music, i actually love all kinds of music. You looks great in the 2nd pic. Wow, you still able to snapshot photo when photography is strictly prohibited in the hall, how?
charlene | Homepage | 30.07.07 - 11:11 pm | #


Prim, I can sense your delight being there watching the King and I. Am contented you went, as your love for musical is so great followed by travelling. Lastly, am still learning about you and missing you so much, as each day goes by. The more I avoid you the stronger my feeling is for you. Know for a fact that you have a caring heart but due to the past experiences. Doesn’t mean that all men are bastards. There are still those (limited though ;P) that speak sincerely from the heart and are not as aggressive as you are. But never the less you won my heart since the first day we met. But for now I will take a step back… I won’t be far (probably just a stone throw away)! When the time is right I will make my appearance for one final time
Anonymous | 31.07.07 - 1:56 am | #


Dear "Anonymous",
Your recent inappropriate comments are displaying ever stronger degrees of psychosis. It isn't a broken heart that you are harbouring - it is a broken mind. Please seek urgent professional help before you cause PrincEss any further angst AND before you find yourself in serious trouble. Your apocalyptic threat in your above comment cannot go unchallenged. Get professional psychiatric help NOW, before it is too late.
Friend For Life | 31.07.07 - 5:11 pm | #


Dear FFL. Pls B nice. I love dear Prim too. Pls look at yourself in the mirror or if U don't have a mirror, look into a bucket of water before hitting others below the belt. Have a good N fruitful day everyone.
Chiki | 01.08.07 - 9:38 am | #


Hi Char, when the staff wasn't looking, I took a very quick snap without flash with my camera phone. That's why it's not a very clear picture. Naughty me.

Wow Anon, you sound like "V" in V For Vendetta.

Hi FFL, couldn't help but giggle. Not psychotic but dramatic. He said he'll take a step back now.

Wooo chiki! Suddenly everyone loves me. I'll buy you a Connetto (lurve kliks) next time.
Primrose | Homepage | 04.08.07 - 12:46 am | #


I see you like the arty-farty stuff like i.. now i know who to call for company ..
I see you have loads of admirer now..
Mama BoK | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 4:04 pm | #


Hi there Prim, care to blog soon? Miss you! =p
Lene | 14.08.07 - 12:49 pm | #

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am waiting for your update. I always wanted to read you. so, keep writing. cheerio..~!
charlene | Homepage | 02.09.07 - 11:31 am | #


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