Thursday, July 26, 2007

Million meme

Well, I hadn't come by (even) to my own blog since my last post because:
1) I was too busy at work
2) I was too busy with my violin
3) I was too busy with KCG
4) I've forgotten *hehe*

And I came by tonight because I have something to write about (which I'll save for another day) but I found that I was tagged by Bkworm with "What if I had a million dollars" meme.

Initially, I thought I would have a long list of things (I want) like most people but it dawned on me that a million (Malaysian) dollars ain't very much. I would probably buy a roof above my head, read as my own cosy pad which would easily cost over half a mil nowadays in a good area, and probably a new set of wheels. What else for a single, urban girl, right? With less than RM400,000 left and not being very generous (read practical), I'd probably use a portion for annual travels since it's one of my passions and keep the rest for some gratification later, like some beauty and spa packages. Muahaha!

There you go! Interesting. So tell me, what would you have done if you had a million dollars in your own currency?

6 flowers for this post
Thank you, sweet PrincEss, for offering me $1m. With it, I'll:

$100,000 tithe;
$150,000 complete renovations and pay off mortgage & credit cards;
$ 5,000 visit you to say thank you;
$744,800 invest in high yield share portfolio for long term income & growth;
$ 200 update my will.

Thank you once again. You know my address. I'll check the PO Box next week.
Friend For Life | 27.07.07 - 8:57 am | #


Thanks for doing the tag. I guess one million dollars is a lot more to a single person than to a married one. Amass before you have to divide! lOL!!
Bkworm | Homepage | 27.07.07 - 11:50 am | #


Going practical is the best way . Everything now cost more and it’s best to plan and save for the rainy days...
Ronald McDonald | 27.07.07 - 3:14 pm | #


Continuation from Biting Corners -
I have but somehow never could get your attention, as you were busy contemplating on a few other affluent bachelors. Wish you would look at what’s in the heart…
Anonymous | 28.07.07 - 3:59 am | #


Hello FFL, I should indeed be sending you off to the post office to collect a little something but have yet to put the pack together yet. A little more time, ok?

Hi Bkworm, you're right. I don't have to divide the million dollars - for now. Heh.

I suppose so McD. My salary seemed to vanish into thin air the moment it's out from the ATM. Sighs.

Know me deeper and you'll find that I seek the heart, Anon. Alas, only one bachelor at a time.
Primrose | Homepage | 29.07.07 - 12:58 am | #


i guess i'll get myself outta this country =P

haha... failing that, i guess... a house, a car and some choice investments with what's left would be my way to spend rm1mil...
seth.frostheart | 28.08.07 - 3:48 pm | #


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