Sunday, July 15, 2007

Biting corners

It's something in our everyday lives that we just don't notice. It's something everybody eats at least once a week if not everyday. It's almost a staple. It should be a hot favourite too.


I realised that I like my bread folded into a triangle. Actually I've realised it long ago but I finally reveal. I think it's tastier, it doesn't smear my lipstick too much, it's more appetising and it doesn't leave as much crumbs as it would have if folded a rectangular half. In fact, I chomp my bread in an orderly manner. Yes, call me weird but hey, I AM weird. *winks*

I prefer wheatgerm bread to white and I almost ALWAYS fold/cut my bread diagonal

I ALWAYS start my first (and second) bite by biting the outer corners and never fail to look at it cutely as a shape of a house!

I will then bite off the "roof" and oddly, it's a shape of a shirt!

I will then bite off the "sleeves" and I'm left with a, err, pagoda-shaped bread?

*chomp, chomp, chomp*

Ever noticed how you like your bread? Bet you never did ... till now. :)

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hahaha... you're not weird Prim. You are unique and that is what makes you loved and acclaimed by all!
Ronald McDonald | 16.07.07 - 10:12 am | #


I am no bread eater. Only eat it when I have nothing else to eat and I am super hungry. But when I do, it's always wheatgerm bread too :D And I usually fold my bread in half. Err...I only fold my bread into triangular shape when I am serving it to friends.
Anonymous | 16.07.07 - 4:04 pm | #


Hey dear, I did! ^_^ I am the common rectangular type. I like wheat bread too. Not too much on white. I chomp the side left and right. Then the upper part. And finally the soft part.
fish fish | Homepage | 17.07.07 - 11:27 am | #


i'm not a bread lover
kruy | Homepage | 18.07.07 - 1:07 pm | #


you're absolutely right, now, I am actually imagining how I'd bite my fave Gardenia bread.

YOu definitely has a stylish way of biting! =p
Lene | 18.07.07 - 1:14 pm | #


I miss you so much...
Anonymous | 21.07.07 - 1:31 am | #


aiyoh, good thing i checked. that anonymous comment after ronald mcdonald is mine. wonder why my name didn't appear. hmm...anyway, just want to let you know that you've been tagged. pls be a sport and do it, won't you?
bkworm | Homepage | 23.07.07 - 5:59 pm | #


I don't do folded breads. I like to slap 2 of them together, work off the outer edge skin and then hoover the white part whole like a snake. (oh, and only white bread)
michaelooi | Homepage | 25.07.07 - 10:10 pm | #


RM: Loved and acclaimed by all meh? Eh, got proof ah? :p

Bkworm: Notice most sandwiches at parties are triangle? I must have done something right. *winks* And I've done the meme.

fish fish: Ahh, I eat it rectangular as a kid too. But I chomp the middle white flesh first. Heh, heh!

kruy: Aww, really? Pasta? Rice? Noodles?

Lene: I love Gardenia too. Wheatgerm.

Anon: Prove it! *hehe*

michaelooi: Aiyah, why you eat so chor lor one? Tsk tsk tsk. Like snake some more. I wonder how you eat a hard boiled egg.
Primrose | Homepage | 26.07.07 - 2:24 am | #


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