Saturday, April 28, 2007

Phantom of the Opera Musical

I guess I should amuse myself and write at least a post a month if not more. The highlight for the month of April 2007 has to be my trip to Singapore just for The Phantom of the Opera Musical at the Esplanade. This award-winning musical needs no further introduction nor elaboration.

That's the Esplanade, popularly known as the "Durian". I took this snapshot on the highway from my car. Not bad

That's the main entrance

Hi peeps! I'm doing well. *smiles* Just tired. I need more TLC. Boohoo!

That's my POTO programme for S$25

That's my S$120 POTO ticket, a box seat. Not bad :)

The props and set, sound system and the Australian cast were pretty good and impressive. Change of sets for stage was highly efficient. My view of the stage from the box seat (which seats 4) was fantastic. Tickets were a sold-out (for ALL shows. Hence the extension of the musical for a further 10 days till mid-May).

The *feel* of the musical overall was, however, *slightly* disappointing as it wasn't as captivating as how it was when I first watched it at Her Majesty's Theatre, London. Could be due to stage constraints. Could be because the theatre is too modern for old history. Different casts have different sopranos and tenors. They took off snippets of the musical compared to how they staged it in London. I thought the chandelier and the ending lacked some ooommphh!

Nonetheless, it was money well-spent.

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Welcome back to life, PrincEss. You've been greatly missed.
Friend For Life | 29.04.07 - 9:38 am | #


ah princess, u'r back

"I guess I should amuse myself and write at least a post a month if not more." --> u'r becoming like me? hehe...
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how are you?
charlene | Homepage | 11.05.07 - 2:24 pm | #


Like u give a rats ass on e ppl tats cares about you! Key is whats is benefitial to you!
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