Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Note: It's a (rude) rant post. You have the choice to subscribe or unsubscribe

Which part of "UNSUBSCRIBE" did you not understand, huh? When I replied you deliberately with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" as the subject, for fuck's sake, stop sending me anymore of your updates, you imbecile retard with screwed up moomoo brains! Who the hell cares if you ate your own crap?

GAWD! What's wrong with people nowadays? Is English so hard to understand that they have to start learning Greek now? Fuck these people, fuckfuckfuck! Get the fuck out of my mailbox, you arseholes! Get the fuck off my blog too!

*sly grin*

No, wait! I forgot. Birds of a feather flock together. The most insincere, most pretentious hypocrite of all hypocrites. Of course you can come by my blog. You always have. Cum, cum, cum!

You love stealing my blogphotos and plagiarising posts word for word, remember? You love to print the archives out to make it your bedtime storybook and you even told me about it, remember? You love to read the honest descriptions about your fucked-up selves, wallow in self pity because they were so true and even asked me to write more, remember? You gave my blog a 5-star rating and told everyone to give my sitemetre a boost, remember? All that and not even a word of thanks for such purrr-fect entertainment? Didn't your momma teach you any manners? Tsk tsk tsk!

Trespassers be doomed!

You bunch of good-for-nothing nincompoops with shitfaces! Bugger off, nitwits! Go fuck yourself silly with some diamond-studded dildos and stuff your face with shitload of cum! FUCK LAR!


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woohoo! what a cool post!
michaelooi | Homepage | 10.05.06 - 11:33 pm | #


Hey.. Princess,
I wished i could do the same on my blog to those from my small dim-wit town..!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 11.05.06 - 1:02 am | #


Weather here in KL been bad for the past week and I now know the reason. Hurricane Frances returned because some farkup fool is wrecking havoc to the environment especially the garden of Primrose.
chiki | 11.05.06 - 8:54 am | #


woah, woAh, wOAH!
I think I'm in cowboi cuntry
Whip! GeddiUp, Ding-dong
Frances, can you catch up riding
that Camel you brought back f Ku-Wait!
ylchong | Homepage | 11.05.06 - 6:05 pm | #


Uhmm, bad day? =( can't wait to try your mango pudding, am really excited! :P
arGlene | 12.05.06 - 1:15 pm | #


phew! anyone felt her fury ?
foodcrazee | Homepage | 12.05.06 - 1:58 pm | #


Hehe... never offends a woman, even if she is pretty, sweet and nice. Tee hee hee... you proved it dear. :P
fish fish | Homepage | 13.05.06 - 7:33 pm | #


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