Monday, May 08, 2006

Longan jelly

Ok, I'm mad. It's jelly day again!

"Wah, why are you making jellies every night? You're happy that you've got more time now ah?"

That was what my dad said to me this evening when I made another round of jelly. It's so funny that he actually noticed. And maybe he was right. It can't be stress and I do have a lot more time to myself now. *hooray*

Anyway, jelly tonight is really, really easy and almost instant.

I bought a packet of konnyaku jelly powder. It's in crystalised form with sugar already and all you need to do is just to dissolve the whole pack into 500g of boiling water and stir well. You may cook it plain or add a few drops of colouring or flavouring, or add fruits which I did with a can of longan.

Separate the longans and the syrup into separate bowls. Empty the longan syrup into the boiling mixture when the mixture is about done to get the longan flavour. Then, pour them into jelly moulds and let it cool for 5 minutes (under the fan). Put the longans into the jellies last.

As konnyaku jellies cool quite quickly, you will notice that the longans will be afloat and wouldn't sink when you put them in gently. You wouldn't want the longans to settle at the bottom of the jelly now, would you? Well, dad said it wouldn't matter because he's going to eat them all whichever way the longans go. *giggle*

Konnyaku (is some japanese jelly) and has a more elastic texture to every bite.

There you go! Konnyaku longan jelly.

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hahaha, u'r so cute.. the jelly too..
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