Saturday, May 13, 2006

Strawberry sorbet

I've gone nuts, haven't I? I've been loading everyone with sugar on weekends (and sometimes weeknights) except myself. *winked grin* Well, if I can't seem to slim down, why not make others fat, right?

I set out to make strawberry ice cream but realised that I only have enough ingredients to make sorbet. Sorbet it is then!

Da trusted blender
5 cups of milk powder (I love Fernleaf)
2 and a half cups of sugar
2 eggs

One cup of strawberry syrup
Tip: Chocolate syrup for chocolate flavour and vanilla essence for vanilla flavour

Blend everything together until evenly mixed.
Tips: To make yourself a strawberry milkshake, forget the eggs.
To make strawberry ice cream, add 2 more cups of milk powder and a pack of 250g cream

I didn't know there are raw eggs in ice creams. Heck, ice creams are so fattening. As if I don't know that already.

Pour into container and freeze

Sorry peeps, I didn't take a picture of the frozen sorbet because by the time I napped, woke up, opened the freezer to check on my sorbet, it was ALL gone. Papa and Baby bears ate em' all!

Next time perhaps!

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Raw eggs?!
Random Reader | 13.05.06 - 4:37 pm | #


Random reader: 'Twasasaid! 2 eggs.
Primrose | Homepage | 14.05.06 - 3:25 am | #


After reading your blogpost, methinks i need to starts loading for some sugar for myself and the families...btw, methinks i like this strawberry sorbet.

Nice like a sweetheart. *mouth watering*
charlene | Homepage | 14.05.06 - 11:34 pm | #


Watch those kilojoules, PrincEss. You really don't want to end up like me, do you?

BTW - Happy Mother's Day !
Friend For Life | 15.05.06 - 1:22 am | #


prim - i wouldnt call this sorbet more like granita but with the eggs in it.....well u can call them that.

I suggest using only egg white, sugar syrup, water and a lot of strawberry. Freeze them, blend and refreeze. Do this 2 - 3 times and you will get a very fine sorbet like texture. Check my blog for the Watermelon SOrbet like that i did err....cant remember whether its Jan, Feb or March.

Anyway, that sounds lovely and creamy. Maybe by blending them twice will render them DELISH especially looking at our DRY and HOT season coming around the some for moi.......chuckle
foodcrazee | Homepage | 15.05.06 - 9:38 pm | #


you shud seriously consider opening a desert cafe man...
cyber-red | Homepage | 16.05.06 - 8:02 pm | #


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