Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello Mazda

As I was cross-referencing my blogposts that day, I realised that I no longer drive the Suzuki SX4. Erm, I upgraded yet again - to the Mazda CX5 (cheaper specs of) 2WD with full leather seats. You cannot imagine just how important it is to have a non-fabric car these days. This car has a L.O.N.G waitlist and I have waited 6 blardy months for it! And today, I have driven this new baby for 3 months now. Not bad, not bad at all!

Comes in only 4 boring colours though. Meteor Gray was the one I have to match the rest of the cars parked at my porch, also for a "dirt-proof" car for lazy me. Although I do vacuum it once a month for an OCD me, I only wash it at most 3x a year, see? Aluminium Metallic was the colour I chose to own but 2 days short of the 6-months wait, I received a call and was informed that if I were to take the gray, the car would be in the showroom in 2 days. But if I wanted the aluminium, there would be a delay for god-knows how long. Heck! Arctic White was beautiful. I have always loved to own a white car. So pure and bright and shiny and clean and dreamy and *smacks* Wake up! White is NOT for lazy people. End of story. They have Sky Blue. One word. Yucks!

Now why would I change cars so often, you ask. Here's the reason why. And truly, there is only ONE reason. When I first bought the Suzuki Swift, I was still single. And then I got married. And then a little one came along. And then I had to get a stroller. And then *beep*! That stroller can't fit into the boot. So I upgraded to the Suzuki SX4. And I could get that stroller in comfortably. And then the next little one came along. And then I had to get another stroller. And then *beep BEEP*! 2 strollers can't fit into the boot. So I upgraded yet again to the Mazda CX5. And it could fit 2 strollers (or more) comfortably but STOP! I'm not adding anymore strollers into the boot, aight?!

See? It's really just ONE reason. S.T.R.O.L.L.E.R.

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