Monday, June 11, 2007


Five of us just had dinner. Two of them went on their way. Three of us (me, L and G) drove to L's house for some chilling out.

Me: Is there a McDonald's near L's place?

G: Yup! It's a 24-hour drive-in. Why?

Me: Feel like an apple pie.

L: Yeah, I want a sundae.

G: Ok, we'll drop by McDonald's.

L: I don't understand why girls don't suggest KFC and don't eat rice but love McDonald's.

G: Because Ronald McDonald is younger and cuter compared to Colonel Sanders.

L: Ronald's a clown. He's supposed to be cute.

Me: *laugh* That's so creative. I'm gonna blog about this!

Come to think of it, it makes total sense. Ronald is colourful, thin, fun and brotherly. Colonel is, well, all white, fat, old and such a grampie. And so here it is being blogged. Fancy that for an answer, eh? Never thought of that but of course!

In the end, I was happily stuffing myself with a box of 9-piece nuggets with BBQ sauce and an apple pie. Yes, I'm a girl who doesn't like to eat rice (and can't eat KFC everyday) but feed me McDonald's anytime. I'm lovin' it.

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You can never go wrong by ordering a hot Apple pie at McD's! Yum!
Ronald McDonald | 12.06.07 - 4:36 pm | #


And fries too! I cannot help but wonder why McD fries are beyond the rest of the fastfood chains. The oil? The fries? I'm sure it's just like any other shoestring fries in the market. Yuuummmm!! 2 large fries please!
Primrose | Homepage | 12.06.07 - 7:01 pm | #


how come eh ? i am a fan of kfc wo~. does that me i am old and grumpy le ? come to think of it - i do have a bit of it la~.
Patrick Leong | 13.06.07 - 10:57 am | #


Fries? Soggy or crispy? To me both also taste good. But believe it is in the packaging le~ that made it one of the world leading fast food chain. A bit of history... McD was started by Raymond Albert Kroc in 1954, while he was just a salesman selling multimixer that makes milkshakes! The Icon or Clown was introduced in 1963 and is a big hit till today
Ronald McDonald | 13.06.07 - 2:56 pm | #


that's so true! am just like you lol...
MeiyeN | Homepage | 13.06.07 - 5:36 pm | #


actually my favourite is McD fries. I can eat that alone. like a kid.
charlene | Homepage | 14.06.07 - 10:21 am | #


*High 5*

I don't like to eat rice too. Hahaha.

Not really a McD convert. But will drive in once in a blue moon to satisfy my cravings for an apple pie and some chicken nuggets.
titoki | Homepage | 14.06.07 - 7:57 pm | #


Hi Pat, I also like KFC but I realise I can't eat that everyday. But fries??? Oh yeah bebeh! Can eat everyday!!

Actually I love hot, soggy fries, Ronald McD. Am I weird?? Enlightening bit there, thanks!

Heh, heh! Don't like rice, eh, MeiyeN?

Hi Char. I eat like a kid too. One fry at a time, choosing all the soggy ones first.

Hey Titoki! Also nuggets and pie eh? Yeah, my friend also asked why girls always eat nuggets. I told him cos nuggets are fuss-free, small and "see mun" ma. Wahahaha!!
Primrose | Homepage | 14.06.07 - 10:36 pm | #


Hehe... I like the old and grumpy much more. I never get tired of their fried leg, in Malaysia only. KFC in U.S. taste horrible! Until now, I have only stepped into a McDonald not more than 20 times and will only get the Apple Pie!

Hey girl, got to eat more "rice", you don't want Malaysia to turn into a Fast Food nation too, do you?
fish fish | Homepage | 15.06.07 - 2:01 am | #


their hamburger is my fave! =)
Anonymous | 15.06.07 - 12:37 pm | #


You are not weird Primrose! You are only human with your own personal preference and characteristics...
Ronald McDonald | 21.06.07 - 3:19 pm | #


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