Saturday, February 24, 2007


Chat #1
Primrose: Why is it that men don't tell their wives that they are pretty anymore?
Doy: Because they are married?
Primrose: Sad case. Might as well stay single
Doy: Stay single and flirt

Chat #2
E: Wow, that girl is so pretty
Primrose: Cheh, ya meh? I think your wife prettier
E: Wife different
Primrose: What is different?
E: Already wife. So no need to look

Chat #3
Doy: Do you notice how some long-term couples get divorced in a very short time after marriage?
Primrose: Tell me about it. Should court for less than a year and get married.
Doy: Might as well stay single
Primrose: Yeah, stay single and flirt

Chat #3
Primrose: Wah, your wife is so young. And already with 2 kids. I so envy you.
C: Why envy? Men will look at you.
Primrose: I'm envious because I haven't completed the cycle.
C: What cycle?
Primrose: Single -> get married -> have kids -> cycle completed
C: Men look at singles.
Primrose: Men look at married ones too.
C: Singles have higher investment.
Primrose: Until their 1st crowfeet, that is.
C: Aiyah, men won't look at their wives anymore after they are married
Primrose: Then why get married?
C: To complete the cycle where divorce is final.
Primrose: Eeyerrr....!!
C: Enjoy it while you can, gurl.

Divorce rate is on the rise. So is adultery. And this is not only men's world. It's the women's too. The world is fast becoming unbecoming.

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