Sunday, November 19, 2006

Small world

"Hey Datuk G! Long time no see!"

"Hi Primrose, nice to meet you again. Are you going to the CEO's Open House?"

"Err, no. We small kuci fry don't get invited."

"Don't worry, I'll put in a good word for you."

"Heh, thanks but don't think it will get me anywhere. Uhmm...we've got one smart-looking VP sitting on the VPs throne..."

"Why, you mean X?"

"Eh, how did you know?"



"Hey Primrose, not going anywhere? It's Friday night!"

"Hi X! I am not sure. I might."

"Party animal, are you?"

"No, no. Not one at all. In fact, I think you might know the "party animal" gang.

"Why would I know? I don't party at all."

"I'm sure you know Datuk G."

"Sure I do. We were university mates. He's a very close friend. In fact, we will be playing golf tomorrow."

"Hmm...I was also wondering if you would know who KF is."

"Sure I do. Related?"

"Why yes. He's my cousin. 1st cousin for that matter."

"I guessed as much. Same surname."

"Well, whoever's in the IT industry would know KF."


"Hey KF, I was having a chat with X and apparently, he knows you."

"I know him well."

"Wow, I'd ride on your fame a little though it's not getting me anywhere, ok?"

"Be careful. I'm not that likeable."


"Hey mum, dad! All the top notches in my organisation knows KF."

"Of course they do. Your cousin's one big name in the IT industry."

"Yeah, he also knows X, who was the pioneer of this pull-out section in The Star."

"Ohhh, X! He was writing under the nick of xx when he was writing the section. You know, they were our neighbours. Lived 2 doors away from us last time. We know Mr and Mrs xx. All their sons are very good looking."

"Err...I agree, actually. Wow! Small world."


"Hey X, I think our parents know each other. Does [neighbourhood name] rings a bell?"

"Sure does. I used to live at No. 27."

"I know."


No wonder the world's round. It truly connects!

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Yes, the world is round and it also takes you one big round to know this X who used to live two houses away from your house.
titoki | Homepage | 20.11.06 - 12:26 pm | #


hi primrose:

the world is round and small for an AP garden.
But it sometimes gets flat when some Homo sapiens turns it upside down and they think gravity forces don't work anymore. they flatten the earth to suit their playground and we are all pushed to the edge -- be carrefool of the Abyss/

If Desi seems to veer from your Post=topic, minta maaf ia! Mayhaps I'm another nu'e victim of the changing world -- a subtle, not rosy Incovenient Truth?
Hey, keep chalking up the S-miles in km!
ylchong | 20.11.06 - 8:42 pm | #


G, X, KF, xx....

Golly. All your connections have names that are so easy to spell !

Friend For Life | 20.11.06 - 9:07 pm | #


Heeee... absolutely it's a small small world. Why you so malas update lately?
fish fish | Homepage | 20.11.06 - 10:39 pm | #


Eh titoki! Didn't think of that thim! Yes wor, how true.

Hi Desi, not offering teh tarik now?

To protect the innocent and for the convenience of those reading it and the one typing it, FFL. Heh!

Heh, heh! You miss me ah, fish fish? Yalor, kinda malas but also kinda busy at work.
Primrose | Homepage | 21.11.06 - 10:10 am | #


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