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Falling in love.

Does it ever happen anymore? I guess I don't know the difference between love and lust anymore. However, I believe in chemistry, that much I am absolutely sure of. After all, it's science, isn't it? Interaction between individuals subject plus energy equals sparks! The blood gets heated and before you know it, it's the making of lust. It sorta takes away your breath, along with all sense of reason. It's sorta like an addiction. You get into a "love" high and crave for sexual gratification and at the end of it all, you don't even know if you're falling for the idea of falling in love.

It's human nature. How ornate!

I used to fall in and out of love very easily. Perhaps I still do but I think I am controlling my emotions a little better now as the years sail by, with people coming in and going out of my life, spinning me, moulding me, shaping me, building me. And little did I realise, along with it was the foundation of a strong(er) castle in the midst of my medieval world of cocooned feelings which drawbridge is permanently up. Experience over the years has made it such that as much as I understand what attachment is all about, detachment seemed to deal with my heart on a better note. Call me cold-hearted but hey! I need that chemistry to spark off that little romance to sustain.

While I'd like to conclude eloquently that chemistry is the universal language to modern love, chemistry isn't everything. Sprinkling factors such as culture, circumstances, personality and scores of other variables are the salt and pepper to your seasonings as well.

Listen to the heart.

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Yes dear, listen to the heart is the best. Geee... why so sentimental today? Someone shakes your heart? :P
fish fish | Homepage | 09.11.06 - 10:47 am | #


are u falling in love my dear?
yes, as much as other things matters, at the end it still the heart that matters the most. that's why it's called love, cos it's from the heart
kruy | Homepage | 09.11.06 - 12:48 pm | #


pick up Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" - teaches the chemistry you're looking/lurking for? ~~ Desi
ylchong | 09.11.06 - 1:21 pm | #


fish fish: Heh, heh! Just feel like writing what I used to write - again.

kruy: Nope, I don't think so. I think chemistry is lacking everywhere.

Desi: I have already read The Alchemist a long time ago. The moral of the story: For the things that you are searching far and wide, you will find that it is only next to you...
Primrose | Homepage | 09.11.06 - 6:02 pm | #


Sometimes we have to use our brains too. To analyse.
Titoki | Homepage | 10.11.06 - 5:26 pm | #


Chemistry is not always a good thing.
You do know what happens when you mix acetone with hydrogen peroxide, then apply heat, don't you?

The only formula that works in love is:
Courtesy + Dignity + Respect.

If you are not in receipt of all three ingredients (consistently) before putting all your emotions, hormones and genitals on the line, you'll get the same result as if playing with acetone and hydrogen peroxide.
Friend For Life | Homepage | 11.11.06 - 4:54 am | #


I am so zillion agree with Friend of life's statement on that~! i couldn't comment but this was so very true.
charlene | Homepage | 11.11.06 - 12:24 pm | #


for me, love is simple. either you love or you just like. sometimes it was not love that was complicated, but the misuse of love and it's results and repercussions. it is human which is complicated.

love can be right there for the asking. love is always just beyond our grasp. we love. we are loved. sometimes we are loved when we love. or sometimes, sadly, we are not.

on other times we need love more than anything else. or we could on the other way need much more than love.

whatever we say about love, whatever we believe, we know that love is important for the human being. love is like a reward to all of us. did you ever have that feeling? you know, when you first meet that someone you really like, and your knees become weak and you start to glow inside. and you might feel like throwing yourself to him. it's a combination of excitement, concern, attraction and uncertainty. when we are desperate, we can be lost in what we understand about love. we just throw ourselves to just anyone that comes by.

however, love, is like chocolate, comes to us in many varieties -- pure and simple, rich and complicated, sweet and bittersweet, and but hopefully a memorable one.

many of us have some bad love habits. for example restrictions. i bet you know what i mean. these restrictions are so severe that you prevent yourself from understanding love at all. you prevent yourself from knowing the person. we choose. we restrict. we commend and all sorts. and of course we all already know as well, that the person you are looking for must also be looking for you. sad huh, it doesn't always go your way.

what do you think are other bad love habits ? too much of mutual dependency ?

nevertheless like quoted, true love is like seeing ghosts: we all talk about it, but few of us have ever seen one. Duc de La Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680
Patrick Leong | Homepage | 13.11.06 - 12:48 pm | #


Hello Primrose. I came upon your Orange Cheesecake recipe and I tried making it on Sunday and it was a hit with young and old. Many thanks. Just hope that I don't put on a kilogramme of weight
Junoesque | 14.11.06 - 4:17 pm | #


Love is when you are willing to do everything for the other person, to sacrifice anything... Lust is when all the above are absent. That's what I think.
Amie Lee | Homepage | 16.11.06 - 5:50 pm | #


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