Sunday, November 26, 2006

Movies in a nut

I was just sitting here thinking to myself today, that I haven't written a single movie review for 2006! Well, it's true that I am not much of a movie goer like most of you out there but I did watch more movies (this year) than any other years added together.

In no particular order, my year did start off with some movies with good looking actors - X-Men: The Last Stand. I know there's a comic on it and I know there had been a couple more X-Men series before but believe it or not, this is the first for me - only because my girlfriend was gaga over Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Cyclops (James Marsden). And then there was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Being a blur, I didn't understand the ending because I didn't watch The Curse of the Black Pearl when it was released in 2003(?) but Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley were enough to let me walk out of the cinema not minding if I understood the movie or not. And then there was Mission: Impossible III. I remembered that girlfriend and I decided to buy tickets at the very last minute because we were either too bored or....hmm, we were bored. I am pretty sure about it. It couldn't have been Tom Cruise. *ahaks*

I didn't miss out comedy Click (starring Adam Sandler) - wasn't too bad a movie. I like the strong message behind the whole story but I personally think that people went for it because there was Kate Beckinsale in it. Equally as funny, even funnier, was Hong Kong production Rob-B-Hood with all-time-favourite Jackie Chan and heartthrob Louis Koo. It was hillarious and the baby was super cute!

Recently, I caught up with the animated film, Happy Feet with voices from Elijah Wood, Hugh Jackman, Robin Williams and Nicole Kidman. I wasn't very keen initially, to watch flocks of penguins but agreed to watch only because the show we intended to watch was sold out. However, it came out better than expected. Not bad at all for singing and dancing penguins. You might just consider buying the soundtrack to this lively animation. And while we are on the subject of lively music, I thought Step Up was a pleasure to watch. While Channing Tatum may not be the best looking male lead around, Step Up could be good for those aspiring hiphop-classic dancers. Upbeat and great dance movements of an uptown ballerina and a street dancer combined on dance stage. Impressive!

It had been great watching movies on big screens but guess what? I had so much extra time, I conquered a few DVDs as well. Surprise, surprise! I watched The Banquet, starring Zhang Ziyi. A little slow at the beginning but it was quite a good production with a very good storyline, I thought. Only setback: the movie was in Mandarin and I couldn't understand a word. Had to read English subtitles which can be very distracting sometimes. And then there was this classic comedy remake of 1964, The Pink Panther, starring Steve Martin, Kevin Kline and Beyonce Knowles. Extremely hillarious I got a stitch from laughing too much. Definitely worth watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Despite the name of a Greek legend, The God of the Sea, reviews for Poseidon weren't too upheaved but I thought I'd watch it anyway since the DVD was available. Read that it was a remake of the 1972 shipwreck disaster film and it's a lot like Titanic back in 1997. I'd skip this one if I had better choices of DVDs that day. The last DVD I caught was one of sort-of-horror. Those of you who knows me well knows that I can't take any sort of horror. When I put on Godsend, I didn't expect that some fertility story a.k.a cloning via replication of cells would turn out scary. Sheesh!

I certainly wasn't disappointed with the movies that I've gone for/watched during the year. Let's see if I can push for another one or two more movies before 2006 comes to an end. That would mark the record in (my) history to have watched the most movies in a year - for someone who claims that she doesn't watch much, that is.

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Wah!!! U watched more movies than me this year.
chiki | 27.11.06 - 4:28 pm | #


Oh, i attended The Banquet too, but I didn't see you -- you must be up dare with te Datuk, Datin & Tan SI?
Well, you confessed you are a banana eh? Luckily I could follow the man(wo?)darin, BUTT you miss'd the big screen impact, so go see It agin when GVS repeats?

(ASIDE: You must go for Mandarin lessons to Be Prepared for globalised world; you never no an assignment may thee to Vbeijing or Mongolia? And because the poems were pretty alluring -- not as A as ZhangZiyi, off course -- I dunno how many course the dinner went!) I invested another RM10 on DVD.
Plagiarised a li'l of it inb my Review -- you can reprise it here if you like, but I'll collect any ADSENse 30% K!
ylchong | Homepage | 27.11.06 - 9:18 pm | #


i like happy feet!! ekekekee... feel like back to my childhood days though
MeiyeN | Homepage | 28.11.06 - 9:40 am | #


LOL. This is a long list of one whole year's movies reviews!!! You lazy bum.
titoki | Homepage | 28.11.06 - 5:00 pm | #


chiki: Eh, you alive ah? I thought you were taken to the Dead Man's Chest.

Hi Desi, didn't know you're a fan of pirates (of the dvds)

Meiyen: I thought that shoes from Pretty F(ee)t would make my feet happy as a dancing penguin.

titoki: That's my mission possible ma!!
Primrose | Homepage | 28.11.06 - 7:52 pm | #


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