Thursday, November 30, 2006


What? There are no 31 days in November? Oh gosh, how can that be? It totally slipped my mind that there are only 30 days in November. *counting knuckles silently*

I get extremely nervous when December draws near. Too much to do and too little time to do it in. You know, list of things before the final month of the year. It's like a final latch in 006 before you leap over to mission 007 (say double OH seven).

My medical checkup is overdue, I need to buy cards, start shopping for gifts, develop travel photos taken as early as April, mend my favourite skirt, get a hair perm, service my mobil and change its tyres... gosh!

I have unwanted stuff stashed aside, meant to be given away during my mid-year spring clean but it's still at one corner of my room gathering dust. I need to put a few things on eBay for sale but hadn't found the time to understand how it works for a seller. I have Reader's Digests from the start of the year still unread and the monthly copies are still coming in - and they will be for the next 2 years...gosh!

Apart from money matters to settle, there are acquintances to latch and unlatch, friendships to fasten and unfasten, relationships to strengthen and loosen. I have to settle the matters of the heart, mind and soul...gosh!

Not much time left. Another month to go before I bid this year goodbye. It hasn't been exactly very rosy but it treated me well.

Now to work on whatever's left in double OH six!

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My Thai-bought fake Rolex reckons there ARE 31 days in November.
Friend For Life | 01.12.06 - 12:35 am | #


I wish December come faster for Christmas, but I also wish time pass slower for more "youth". Very conflicting innerly. *sigh*
fish fish | Homepage | 01.12.06 - 1:17 am | #


O_o do take a break, my dear! you aren't a robot... calm down, calm down! *hugz*
MeiyeN | Homepage | 01.12.06 - 9:25 am | #


I can't wait for Double-Oh-Seven to come rescue me. I'm a damsel in distress!!! Seriously, 2005-2006 was the toughest years in my life. Grown up and learnt a lot. I can't wait to start a new life for year 2007! Wish me luck my dear friend.
titoki | Homepage | 01.12.06 - 2:27 pm | #


what would be your new resolutions zero seven? anyhow, list of wishlist is easy to maintain but hard to sticking to it. Any plan for holiday?
charlene | Homepage | 01.12.06 - 9:58 pm | #


'there are acquintances to latch and unlatch, friendships to fasten and unfasten, relationships to strengthen and loosen.'

so what am i? looking at the way things are, i'm someone worth unlatching.
Imran | 03.12.06 - 12:12 am | #


yes, November seemed to pass by very fast, and being no 31st makes it all worst. i didn't even realise it's actually the LAST month of the year until reading your post.

p/s: eBay can be pretty confusing in the beginning but it's really easy being a seller, i am one. i can explain how it works if u want, email me
kruy | Homepage | 03.12.06 - 2:01 pm | #


FFL: Not only fake rolexes. I think ALL watches, regardless.

fish fish: I know what you mean. It's like, I can't wait for CNY too!

MeiyeN: Trying to s-l-o-w down.

titoki: Most zodiacs have a bad year in 006. And it will turn good in 007. Good luck! I'm waiting too!

Char: Nah, no resolutions or travel plans just yet. Wishlist? Got, got so many things I want.

Imran: Eh, don't make assumptions like that. I'm not like that, am I?

Kruy: Well, we are already well into the last month of the year already. And I still haven't figured out eBay. Sigh. Procrastinate, procrastinate...
Primrose | Homepage | 13.12.06 - 10:06 pm | #


I am not making assumptions. I am speaking the truth, from my heart. So hope life treats you well. Thanks for the company, thanks for the short conversations, thanks for the emails and most of all thank you for the short bursts of happiness.
Imran | 14.12.06 - 9:49 pm | #


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