Sunday, March 05, 2006

Black dot

There will be a rare few times in your life that you will get *this* close to loving or having someone but fate will not always be by your side to provide that opportunity for perfection. Unfortunate as it may sound, the Chinese believe it to be a black dot in the heart.

Black dots take many forms. It represents something that could have happened at one point in your life but didn't or couldn't because of certain situational circumstances. That dot will remain in that space, that corner, embedded deep inside your heart, like a dark secret. It gives you stirrings. Stirrings of hope and joy (fear and disappointment). It sort of gives you a good feel (or bad), when it surfaces to mind.

Some of you will choose to pursue these black dots and make it a reality but at most times, it's best to leave them the way it is. Leave them be. I'd like to think that by human nature, we will always want what we can't have, and not regret what we couldn't have had when that something or someone is not ours to start with. That's the game fate plays.

Have you ever pondered about your black dot? Know that it's there to remind you that life will never ever be perfect and that there is so much more space in life for more black dots. Live life as it is. Live life as it comes.

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sounds deep - very chim lar
foodcrazee | Homepage | 05.03.06 - 8:16 pm | #


Good nite read Primrose,

Am not sure it does make sense from my view point against your post, best read ever.

Well, as you make this journey, always remember that each day is a precious gift. If you can enjoy it for what it is and make the most of it, then believe it or not, there is another extraordinary gift waiting for you!

Your life journey is not a race or competition, nor is it a oring highway without exits that you must trudge along for eternity. Even thought i think life is infinitely more preferable to the alternative, i m not pretending it's always easy or enjoyable. The truth is that sometimes life is so damned hard it gives you a cramp in your brain just thinking about what you have to do to make it through another 24 hours.

Take care Primrose,
Charlene | Homepage | 05.03.06 - 10:56 pm | #


Hi almost constant gardner:

Exorcise the black dots ... it can be painful.
Put in some Blue dots ...these are healing, revealing, and colorfool!
And then you truly ... "Have been to Paradise..."
"And also Have Been to Me"
ylchong | Homepage | 06.03.06 - 12:53 pm | #


A dark dot in the corner of the mind.

It is there, it is small.. sometimes it is like an old sore, sometimes it bring fond memories.

Life is not perfect.. if it is perfect, it is not worth living.
Robin | Homepage | 06.03.06 - 4:47 pm | #


foodcrazee: Ya meh? Black dot, you know, black dot. Hehe!

Char: Nice message. Don't sound too you though.

Desi: I think "I have been to me" - in my dreams.

Robin: I so agree with you. You got the black dot right.
Primrose | Homepage | 07.03.06 - 9:32 am | #


wah, yalor, very chim ler...
kruy | Homepage | 07.03.06 - 1:43 pm | #


I have many black dots. Sometimes it's difficult to erase them, most of the time it reminds me not to repeat the same mistakes.
Imran | Homepage | 08.03.06 - 8:00 pm | #


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