Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"Can I have a bunch of rubberbands?" I asked her this morning.

"Don't have wor"

"How about just a bunch?"

"Don't have wor"

"Just a few, can or not?"

She walked over to her cubicle, opened her drawer and stared at it for a good 10 seconds while I waited like some dumbass.

"Don't have wor," she answered in the end, as I have expected.

"How about those?" I asked, pointing to some few rubberbands which my roving eyes caught hanging on the wall at the cubicle next to hers.

Sauntered slowly over she did, took the few strands off the nail on the wall, came back over to where I was and irritated me further.

"But hoh, don't know whether the other person want to use or not wor"


My patience was obviously draining dry. "Oh! Can't I just have some, just 4 or 5?" I asked, almost begging.

She walked back to her cubicle, opened her bloody drawer again, stared for another good 10 seconds, reached her hand in to rummage a little while I waited like some dumbass and wala! Returned with some four or five rubberbands in her hand.

"Nah, you can have these"


"Can't I have just a few more?" I tried again, referring to the ones she retrieved from the wall a while ago.

She stared at the other bunch, paused, thought for some 10 seconds as though it was a really tough decision to make and finally decided to give me 2 more from that bunch.


7 *toot*ing rubberbands?? I said my thanks and walked off in a huff. What the *toot*? It was just some freaking rubberbands, for gawd's sake. What? You think you're parting with some gemstones or banknotes or valuables? *Toot*! It's just damn *toot*ing rubberbands, ok? Man, I could have gotten them off a mamak stall if I wanted to. And a whole bunch of them too!


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haha... i know how u feel... funny how every place sure have one of "these" people around - a pain in the ass.
kruy | Homepage | 30.11.05 - 8:51 pm | #


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