Sunday, November 13, 2005

Passenger in depth

The journey is long. All I can hear is the reverberating sounds of wheels and tracks. It hums a little slower over hills and mountains and it echoes much faster across valleys drained by rivers and its tributaries. Bearing all sorts of weather: Creaking under scorching sun and other times, rusting in the heavy rain. Sometimes it comes to a halt for another train in passing. Sometimes it stops at stations for passengers.

Seated quietly in a corner of comfort, I know I can trudge along this long journey with a bit of patience. It could get slightly lonely. It could make me fidget with restlessness. Yet, it provided that much needed time for a little bit of reflection to meditate on life's crossroads.

Once in a while, a passenger will share the seat next to me. Some sat through without so much of fluttering their lashes. Others initiated small chats to kill boredom. Some brought new knowledge. Most came with sense of humour. A few struck me as very interesting ones. A couple more couldn't so much as catch my slightest attention. One or two rare ones brought new meaning. But all of them were from different walks of life with one purpose. To reach a certain destination.

That, my friend, is the journey of life.

It's a journey so long that it might take a while before you could reach anywhere. And along the way, you meet passengers. Passengers come and go. They leave footprints and impressions. They leave pain and sorrow. They give faith and hope. Best of all, some leave joy and love. Some of them make life more colourful and meaningful. Some won't make a difference at all. Most would though. Some can't wait to go ahead. Some would willingly walk beside you. Others prefer to lag behind.

Should you pick a passenger to travel with you? Or would you prefer to travel alone? Would you want a companion out of a passenger? Or would you prefer to brace life's challenges in solitaire? Whatever your decisions are, expect to make some right choices and some wrong ones or many wrong ones before you make some right ones.

Life will never ever be perfect
but an ounce of patience
will make a difference
Expect that as fast as it will come soaring
know that it will also come falling
Slow and steady, keep the pace
So to avoid the messy maze

Stay a while longer if it brings the meaning of love and happiness to a whole new level. Otherwise, do whatever's necessary to tell yourself that you have at least tried. But know when to move on when it's time to do so because lingering around when it doesn't exist anymore will only cause much inflicted heartache.

At this present moment, I'm staying here a while longer. Give me some time before reminding me that it's time to move on...

Note: This post has been submitted to Desiderata.English column in the Borneo Post, East Malaysia and published on 20 November 2005

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sorry just woke up.. let me bask in my blurness for a while..
cyber-red | Homepage | 14.11.05 - 10:47 am | #


is the seat next to thee reserved?

i don't mind someone who tells me stories, I make a good list'ner...
I enjoy a traveller
who sings with her smiles.
ylchong | Homepage | 14.11.05 - 11:24 am | #


foodcrazee | 14.11.05 - 6:12 pm | #


and i stopped by to appreciate...
whatuduberudu | 14.11.05 - 8:46 pm | #


nice way to reflect on the journey of life
kruy | Homepage | 15.11.05 - 6:15 am | #


Nice new template & colour scheme. I know I'm a little bit late, but this is the first chance I've had to surf your blog since I was away last week.

I personally think it's nicer than your previous template, and I also think it suits your personality better too. Well done on the customisations.
Min | Homepage | 15.11.05 - 7:39 am | #


Dincha mama ever tell you not to speak to strangers?
Yuen Li | Homepage | 15.11.05 - 8:21 am | #


really deep reflection. I love the title! =)

well said Fran!
arglene | Homepage | 15.11.05 - 10:51 am | #


*sits next to primrose and strikes up a conversation*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 15.11.05 - 12:33 pm | #


Love this piece of yours. Something I've always pondering. *muak*
fish fish | Homepage | 15.11.05 - 2:04 pm | #


[Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid sideways, Chardonnay in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO! WHAT A RIDE!"]
Author Unknown

Reta: Being blur is sometimes very nice. At least you don't have to realise anything.

Desi: The seat's not reserved though. Anyone's free to come and go as they wish. It's just how long they wish to occupy that seat...

foodcrazee: Sometimes I discover that there's more under the tip of an iceberg

whatuduberudu: And to sniff at the blooms...and to inspire...

kruy/arglene: I'm sure there had been many passengers in your life too

Min: Yeah, pink and very me, right?

Yuen Li: Heh, heh! :p :p

Seth: Would you be getting off at the next station, perhaps? *winks*

Fish fish: It's always good to be in touch with our own feelings. *muak back*
Primrose | Homepage | 16.11.05 - 11:44 pm | #


Very meaningful and some of the words really strike the very cords of my heartstring. Just wanna say 'Thanks' for being that someone who sat beside me when I needed a friend most. Shall never forget those lemon cheesecakes
Aurora | 17.11.05 - 9:59 pm | #


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