Monday, November 07, 2005


Have you ever felt like waiting for someone imaginary? Have you ever pushed aside everything and all plans just to hope for an imaginary call? Have you ever felt like so deep in feelings but it's non-existent? Have you ever met anyone at the right time for the wrong reasons or at the wrong time for the right reasons? Have you ever drove past a certain landmark or saw a certain something on the road and it reminded you of someone? Have you ever thought about someone at just about every moment in everything you do? Have you ever felt a stabbing pain in the heart just at the thought of missing someone? Has it ever made your heart hope so much at every ring of a phone and at every beep of a text message? Has it ever formed tears at the tune of a love song? Has it ever?


And you know, confessions are always good for the heart and mind. It's never about selling your soul. Never. It is about baring your soul and freeing it. It is about being honest to yourself and believe me, there can be no measure for its worth.

And you know, there aren't many fallen angels who are brave enough to bare it all at the very thought that they might fall (in love) again.

I love my heart, at least it’s warm
But it does mean, that I can’t move on

I need to seek closure
For feelings embedded within
My soul craves for the freedom
That’s so trapped where it seemed

For the hope that is ever humble
The tears of a fallen angel

If you will excuse me, I need to billow forth a sudden urge of self-confession to feed my empty soul, which hope, at this moment, is greatly apt.

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I have. And I am still hoping the very special girl that I was 'hooked' to since last year will finally respond.....
chiki | 08.11.05 - 7:39 am | #


cheer up, my friend.
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