Monday, October 04, 2004

Fallen Angel

The words "Fallen Angel" hold a special meaning to me. Some of you may be able to identify and these few phrases below might jolt that little memory box of yours:

People around you are like the seasons,
They spring on you when you least expect them
They warm you up
They either fall for you or rain on you
They make an impact in your life
Perhaps leave a footprint or two
...and whoosh! They leave.
Don't really believe in soulmates in the ambit of net space but
sometimes, life's mysteries never fail to impress me. So, have me spellbound!

Tears of the Fallen
Promises broken
Trust has faded
Tell me how we've gotten here
How we fell this far
Medicate me, fill me with your lies
The truth's unnoticed, tearing me apart
Words are spoken, breaking my heart in two
No matter what happens, I'll be crying for you

Dreams awakened
Hope has disappeared
Whisper to me
In your entrancing tone
Lead me to my empty grave
Darkness clouding all I've known
Reflecting all the pain we've gone through
No matter what happens, I'll be crying for you

Prayers unanswered
Angels have fallen
Take my hand now
We must fly away from here
Through this darkness, pain will follow
Take a deep breath now, it may be the last you get
And no matter what happens, no matter what I do
I'll be crying for you...

© Kelsey Heffron, 2004

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