Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I've recently been tagged to do a "favourite seven" meme post by Reta @ Cyber-red.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1) Design an award-winning piece of jewellery
2) I'd like to own a hand-drawn potrait of myself
3) Own a business in either jewellery or sex toys
4) Drive a small, round car (no, not made in Malaysia, thank you)
5) Attend a Vogue/ Manolo Blahnik runway show in Paris, Milan, NYC
6) Go somewhere exotic with blue seas and rippling waves
7) Fall in love

Seven things I could do:
1) Go tarot reading
2) Visit London to watch ALL musicals
3) Save more each month
4) Enrol in that darn belly dancing class NOW
5) Get that small, round car I've been salivating at SOON
6) Exercise *nudge nudge wink wink*
7) Practice kegels, damn it!

Seven Celebrity crushes:
1) There's
2) None
3) Cos
4) I
5) Don't
6) Adore
7) Celebrities

Seven often repeated words:
1) chey
2) cheh
3) pooh
4) wor
5) eleh
6) eh
7) sheesh

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) Taller (than I am)
2) Good posture
3) Sense of humour
4) Decisive (because I'm not)
5) Honest
6) Not possessive / controlling
7) Nice teeth

Eh, I add "Seven GIB traits", can or not?
1) A good size *winks*
2) A good kisser (takes one to know one, yea bebeh!)
3) Stirs coffee anti-clockwise
4) Longer second toe (than the toe)
5) Imagination
6) Savours / relishes his food - s.l.o.w.l.y.
7) Stamina

The seven people that I'd like to tag next:
1) Patrick (because I always tag him whenever I get a meme)
2) Friend for Life (because he always sees things differently)
3) Desiderata (because his favourite number is SEVEN)
4) No more
5) Because
6) It's
7) Bothersome

6 flowers for this post

Cos you're the Prime Rose, I responded. Normally journalists have an aversion to "me" in the spotlight.
For thee, I'm making it an exception!

But I'm still in the Seremban Mazeland about that GIB! He he he, trying to imitate some of mGf in Blogsworld laffs!
ylchong | Homepage | 21.09.05 - 2:22 pm | #


Heng ah..!! thank you for not tagging me hor.. hahhaha!!
Big BoK | Homepage | 22.09.05 - 5:09 am | #


You're not the only person to observe that symptom of Asperger's Syndrome in me recently, PrincEss. (Still not an official diagnosis.)

I'll happily reply within the next 24 hours.

One question first, though, PrincEss. What are "GIB traits"? At first, I thought it may be "great in bed" but who stirs their coffee anti-clockwise in bed?
Friend For Life | 22.09.05 - 10:14 am | #


i lurve you primrose!
rosalind | 22.09.05 - 12:09 pm | #


Heh, heh, Desi. Good response to the meme post.

Aiyer MamaBok, no time for memes with Chloe around...

Err FFL... yes, GIB = Good in Bed but you can skip that section. It was added in as a bonus. If you've read my post on Generally, you would have figured out about stirring coffees.

Wah Rosalind! Damn direct confession eh? This is no pew. Come, come! Come to primrose's pew and confess all you want, eh? *winks*
Primrose | Homepage | 22.09.05 - 12:32 pm | #


GIB *laughs*

*checks* i fit five outta seven GIB criterias you posted... which five? thts for you to find out *grins*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 23.09.05 - 2:32 pm | #


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