Thursday, September 22, 2005

FFL's Sevens

Thank you, Resident PrincEss, for the invitation to complete and share this meme. Your interest and confidence in my dysorthodoxy gives me strength and comfort:

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1) Free an innocent girl from a Bali jail
2) Publish an internationally distributed album of self composed & performed social action/justice songs
3) Be a constant thorn in the side of corrupt governments and bureaucracies worldwide
4) Write a voluminous spiritual/philosophical thesis/treatise that will have a positive impact on global and personal peace & the evolution of future political systems - something that leaves this world a better place and remains a prominent reference work a thousand years hence
5) Lose 60kg of body fat
6) Run a marathon
7) Most likely die at a time of my choosing in the manner of my choosing, thus depriving "intelligence" agencies of the opportunity.

Seven things I (wish I) could do:
1) Smile more. (No, I can't do that. The facial cancer surgery removed my smile.)
2) Work more efficiently to become financially self sufficient earlier. (Can I ever conquer my perfectionist trait that always derails my productive efficiency?)
3) Make more face-to-face friends. (My record regular face-to-face new friendship in the past fifteen years has been about two months. I am currently on track to break this dismal record.)
4) Love and be loved. (I have no trouble loving. Being genuinely loved in return is so hard for an aging, obese, balding, ugly and broke man who suffers chronic recurring depression)
5) To meet a lady who is genuinely, no hidden agenda, physically attracted to me. (Some things just can't be done.)
6) Bring down several tyrannical governments in the Asia/Pacific region (OK - at least that one is do-able and actions are in motion.)
7) Find a healthy self-esteem. (Where do I begin to look? Please, don't tell me to "look inside of myself". I know what's there. That's why I lack self-esteem.)

Seven Celebrity crushes:
1) The Lord, Jesus Christ
2) Geena Davis (Geena shares my shoe size and she's almost up to my assessed IQ level)
3) Penelope Pitstop (I'm over her now. Honestly, I am.)
4) That's
5) enough
6) crushing
7) for me

Seven often repeated words:
1) Oh golly gosh
2) Sorry
3) Amen
4) Salmon
5) Healthy
6) C U L8r M8
7) Etc...

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) Nice smile
2) Sparkling eyes
3) Honest yet discreet (oxymoronic, no?)
4) Emotionally mature and stable
5) Kind hearted
6) Accepting and understanding, even when I'm incomprehensible
7) Genuinely likes and is attracted to me - and is bold enough to proactively say and do something about it. (To be honest, that is probably the single greatest attractive feature I could wish for in a lady)

The seven people that I'd like to tag next:
1) Where
2) am
3) I
4) to
5) find
6) seven
7) friends?

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postsrcipt to your (4) thing yu could do, add Desi's
*ageing: go mark twain's maxim -- Mind over matter you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
*obese: i'm growing -- but post-M Gravity rom 2004 pulls sideways!
*bald: rem Kojak, (s)he's cute with all theGuts&GALs!
*ugly: who wasit who said: BEAUTY leis where ... in thy lover's eyes ... and s=miles!
*broke, if it ain't broke, no gal would cum to FIX It!
**ditto as Desi: humourous, and that wins myFairLady anytime
***ditto as Desi: obedient, as we me-me-me-ed because PrinCess commanded, and PrinCes must obey, yes?

Congrats FFL, you're a winNER SE7EN wayz.

PS to host (or isit hostess?) PR:
I've told my FirstLuv story this morn (Friday 23 Sept), and as a Friday's Child, this PrimeRose s born to share her Love Story, yes?

"Primeday" greAtings to Primrose and ALL her EsteemedReaders
ylchong | Homepage | 23.09.05 - 1:03 pm | #


Thank you, ylchong/Desi for your interesting, insightful, positive and humourous observations and encouragement about me.

You made me smile - and that's not an easy thing to do since the surgery reshaped my face.

You are also right about me being obedient to our PrincEss and obeying whatever she says. She has consistently earned that respect over many years. I will always do whatever our PrincEss asks of me - though she's very wise and very careful about what she asks, you know.
Friend For Life | 24.09.05 - 12:19 pm | #


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