Monday, September 19, 2005


Traditional Malay baju kurung. Collected this from my tailor last week. My first kurung among my kebayas. Like some uniform for some asrama (boarding schools for malays). I prefer plain-coloured ones to common floral, eye-boggled-from-too-much-colours baju anytime. My only mistake: Silk is one of the hardest material to care for - washing and ironing.

Semi-traditional Vietnamese ao dai (traditional comes with long sleeves and a mandarin collar). I've got at least three of these. Silk again.

I had the toughest time ironing them. I know I can't use ironing starch because it damages the silk when it comes in contact with heat. Ironing at silk-mode heat doesn't work on the creases no matter how many times I repeat the spot. The only way it worked was with a steam iron. Any other tips from experts out there?

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Mmmmm...the ao dai looks very nice
MuscaD | Homepage | 19.09.05 - 8:33 pm | #


So sweet! But when one is young and slim, anything also nice one!
bkworm | Homepage | 19.09.05 - 10:19 pm | #


ohhhhhh... yumyum on the ao dai picture!~ *grin n winks*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 19.09.05 - 11:54 pm | #


Very pretty.. Princess..!! invest in a steam iron.. they are not expensive.. and so easy to fix your clothes.. ! i see them in boutiques and all.. and the sales girls just use it.. when the customers are done trying them..
Big BoK | Homepage | 20.09.05 - 3:14 am | #


You are ever the PrincEss, as these photos attest.

Hanging them so that they hang straight down, no folds, not crushed against other things in your wardrobe, will help the wrinkles disappear. Gravity can be a girl's friend sometimes.
Friend For Life | 20.09.05 - 1:48 pm | #


pee...weeeiiitt...leng luii...
Patrick Leong | Homepage | 20.09.05 - 3:56 pm | #


kebayas are more tight fitting rite? The baju kurung remind of my college last time where it;s compulsory for all galz And to forget the tudong Actually galz look cute on baju kurung minus the tudong (personal opinion)~ U look more mature with the cheongsam but both oso nice :p
Acrix | Homepage | 21.09.05 - 12:56 am | #


Hey Nick! You home from the US yet? You must have seen lots of ao dais in Vietnam recently, eh? They should all be traditional. Did you see what the school girls wear to school? Darn sexy ao dais, ok?

Heh, heh bkworm. But ao dai fits all ages (in Vietnam). Even those above 40s and 50s are still wearing it (because it's their everyday outfit).

Hey Seth! Haven't seen you a A-G-E-S! Yum yum? You want with sugar or cream with it?

Hi MamaBok, I was thinking of BabyBok when I wore it and wonder if they have baby sizes. Cos Chloe looked demure wearing the cheongsam. Yes, I think steam iron would have been the best solution.

Heh, heh FFL, without collagen, wrinkles won't go. *winks*

Weh Patrick, when can we see your leng chai pic pulak??

Hi Acrix, thanks for coming by. Yes, kebayas follow the curves of the body. The kurung will give a "schoolgirl" look and the kebaya gives a more "demure" look kua. The other one not cheongsam. It's an "ao dai". It's got silk pants to go with it.
Primrose | Homepage | 21.09.05 - 10:28 am | #


the ao dai is very pretty. did u buy the ao dai or tailor made? is it expensive?

p/s: it that u in the photo?
kruy | Homepage | 07.10.05 - 11:27 pm | #


Hi there Kruy, thanks for dropping by. I've left you a message in your post. This particular Ao Dai was bought and it cost about RM200 and yes, that's how Primrose looks like.
Primrose | Homepage | 09.10.05 - 1:49 am | #


thanks for the message, primrose.

i must say the ao dai fit u very well, even thought bought off shelf u know lah, this kind of baju all need fitting one, like cheongsam.

well, RM200 is not that expensive condering i bought my baju kurung for RM130 3 years ago. i know it depends on material. i would love to have kebaya and ao dai of my own one day, it's so lovely. i just love all these different costume of other nationality.
kruy | Homepage | 09.10.05 - 2:01 am | #


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