Wednesday, July 06, 2005


After two days of anxious waiting, heartache, headache, dark rings and eye bags under the eyes from worrying, Primpy Junior has been restored to its original state, perhaps better. Ah, finally! Finally! *PTL*

Raj from my IT department did a clean and complete reformat where at the same time, I requested that he added another partition for me in the HDD for future convenience. Ah, clever Primrose.

Happy with spick-and-span Primpy, I couldn't wait to get home and glide my hands all over the smooth silver metal and plonk my fingers on the soft black keys again. Losing Primpy for 2 whole days is like not having a life for 2 whole days. *rolls eyes*

"Cool notebook you have" Raj had commented earlier that evening

"Why, thank you. I know!" I replied with unhidden pride

"Yeah, very, very cool indeed," he added, looking at Primpy left and right, feeling it, touching it, scrutinising it with an earnest longing.

"Isn't the screen a little too small?" he probed

"Well, I like everything small." I laughed. "Laptops I mean." I chuckled

Raj handled Primpy with a lot of care and I was very glad he did. Of course I was helping out here and there, giving instructions now and then, he found it so amusing.

"Hey, hey! Slow down, slow down. I'll settle this for you. It's like I'm the doctor and you're the nurse" he teased

"It's my precious, you know. I spent a fortune on this laptop"

"How did you know so much about computers? You graduated with an IT degree or something?" he asked, probably impressed with my knowledge on NTFS and BIOS and disk boot-up and partitions and reinstallations and drivers and upgrades.

"Well, let's just say that when you own a car, you just simply need to know what's in there and how it works and what's being done to it" I answered thoughtfully.

"Hmm, not many girls would know this much, you know. In fact, I don't think they will ever be interested." And with that, he continued showing and explaining what he was doing to Primpy and one can really learn new things everyday.

With Primpy taking it's rightful place on my table in my room again, which was empty for what seemed like ages, I rubbed my hands in glee and started installing programmes into it - Adobe, Office, Norton, Adaware, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo etc. It took me quite a few hours including generating and cracking key codes with a pang of guilt for using pirated softwares but oh well, it's Malaysia after all. *hides face in the ground*

Three odd hours later, Primpy was fully clothed.
*glimmer glimmer*
*sparkle sparkle*

I still found dark rings and bags under the eyes this morning but that was from surfing too much and fussing with precious Primpy as though I was making up for lost time. *snigger*

Chill out time!

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glad primpy jr. turned out all right. It's one of your precious possessions.
chiki | 06.07.05 - 5:41 pm | #


Welcome back into the world, Primpy Junior! The PrincEss will love and care for you with all the more devotion, having experienced the fear of losing you.

Now, PrincEss, about the bags under the eyes.... Last night, Whitney Houston's husband said on Telly what his cure for those is. He recommends rubbing hemmorhoid cream on the bags under the eyes. He swears that it works for him.
Friend For Life | 06.07.05 - 10:34 pm | #


naughty naughty Primrose....cracking all the codes on the pirated software....

Ok just winding you know you can't take me seriously.

Great to follow your blog - makes me smile. Keep it up.
Mancunian | 07.07.05 - 4:52 am | #


Yer friend is right..! i for one donch really wanna know the technical part of the computer.. i just wanna use it.. lazy ma..!
Glad to hear that your laptop is working great..!!
MrsT | 07.07.05 - 2:04 pm | #


Yes, one of my precious possesions. The next one would be my mobile phone. Heh!

Hemorrhoid cream? *ROTFLOL* He must have been such an arse to look at. :D

And you know I'm cool about it, Mancunian. Wah, reading me makes you smile. Wait till you see me! x)

Hi MrsT, plug-and-play would be the best!! :D
Primrose | Homepage | 07.07.05 - 2:45 pm | #


Okay lah - see you in August in KL.

Whylah no Penang this year - I miss my Gurney Drive! Never mind will be making a trip up there as well.
Mancunian | 08.07.05 - 1:56 am | #


Hi Mancunian, no money no Penang lor. Yes, see you in August, that familiar face once more.
Primrose | Homepage | 08.07.05 - 12:00 pm | #


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