Sunday, July 03, 2005


Good news and bad.

The good news is, I've got streamyx all set up. Hooray to broadband. Everything's so fast and I can log on the whole day for all I care...but not without glitches here and there. Now why is that? Ah, that's the bad news.

I have made two attempts in applying for streamyx. First time, I was too lazy to go purchase an ADSL modem and they cancelled my registration when I didn't activate after 7 days upon approval. That's fine. Besides, it was my own fault.

Second attempt took them two whole weeks to approve my application and what did I tell them at the beginning? That I will do my own installation. That I didn't want to pay installation fees. Ah, but no. TMNet didn't listen. They happily sent me a guy to do all the work for me. Too late to reverse charges now unless I cancel the whole registration (and re-apply all over again). *sigh* That's fine. I'll take the guy then - to install my modem, I mean. Besides, I can always bug him if anything goes wrong.

Now this guy, let's name him Ray, extremely obese, probably fat and lazy, made it to his first appointment to my house an hour late! That's fine. I could take it. Besides, I was all so excited to get everything fixed. My daddy was excited too. He didn't mind purchasing a router and two wireless adapters to get two other PCs in the house connected. That's absolutely fine. Besides, I didn't have to pay for them anyway. *snigger* That came to a hefty sum of $640.00!! *gasp* Settings were all done up and bye-bye, Ray.

Then what happens? We found out the next day that the settings were all jumbled and wireless connection didn't work for one PC. That's fine. I called Ray, he promised to fix the problem, we waited for him and he bloody forgotten about the appointment! That's fine too because I can wait. Besides, it didn't affect the connection to my Primpy Junior anyway.

Whilst Ray thought he could fix our little problem in 15 minutes, he actually had his butt stuck here for 3 hours today!! Heh, heh! That's absolutely fine because oh well, serves him right anyway. And while fiddling with Primpy, we found out that it refused to log-on to the administration/settings page of the router.

Ray: Eh, can throw your computer away lah
Me: Excuse me but this laptop is barely 4 months old (??)
Ray: Really? Then it needs re-formatting because your Explorer/browser is probably not updated or corrupted
Me: *makes a face*

Silly, stupid, stupid me did try re-formatting *smacks forehead* and to cut the whole story short, reinstallation of the drive was complete but software was found lacking. So poor Primpy is not feeling well and is sick now. And that's NOT fine! Isk! Got to seek help from some IT guy at work tomorrow. *bangs head on the table*

What a bang and a dang and a clang! No Primpy and no internet fun. So what do I do now? Right, I'll brood to sleep then. Pfftttt!!

Broadband my ass!

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Poor you...! what you got was a half-assed stupid technician from the ISP company..! he doesn't even know what he is talking about..!! poor you ..!!
I'll speak with MrT and asked if he can walk you thru' this..
MrsT | 04.07.05 - 3:37 am | #


Ooo, so kind of you MrsT. I've spoken to our techie and let's see how everything goes. Stupid me, I could just download a patch for explorer or something. *sigh*
Primrose | Homepage | 04.07.05 - 2:19 pm | #


aiyoh so mafannnnnnnn poor you =)
cyber-red | Homepage | 05.07.05 - 2:29 pm | #


It sounds like Ray is looking for reasons to keep coming back.... Was there someone in the house who caught his eye ?
Friend For Life | 05.07.05 - 4:28 pm | #


Ya lor, so mafan lah, Reta. No computer, no life, you know.

Well FFL, not someone but something. Money perhaps? Heh, heh! But no, I'm not asking him to return unless there's a problem with the router or the connection.
Primrose | Homepage | 05.07.05 - 7:07 pm | #


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