Thursday, June 16, 2005

Brainless II

Observed while at an exhibition venue today...

Down sauntered this well-dressed lady in heels, stopping at virtually every booth to collect a little something to add to her already piling bunch of papers/brochures in her arms. She stopped at this booth, eyes shifted to the fascia board above, excited that she got the right booth at last, and with heavily-accented I-think-it's-American English, she spoke.

L: Lady
C: Counsellor

L: I want to know more about the coving scholarship.

C: I'm sorry, coving?

L: Yes, I read that you all offer the coving scholarships

C: Ahh! I think you meant the CHEVENING scholarships. Yes, we do offer the CHEVENING scholarships for postgraduate studies.

L: yada yada tell me procedures yada yada application yada yada this scholarship

C: yada yada yada

L: *surprised look* Oh! You mean I must apply to a foreign university to get that scholarship?

C: [DUH!] Of course, ma'am. In fact, you should already be holding offers to at least one UK university at the time of interview if you were shortlisted.

L: Eh? UK university? Not German ah? [Hmm, what happened to her heavy accent?]

C: Sorry? German?

L: Yeah. My friend ah, err, I mean my friend's friend said that her coving scholarship allowed her to apply to German and French, you know.

C: [Cheh, BULL!] Oh, really? That must have been one CHEVENING scholarship because as far as I know, it is funded by the Foreign Commonwealth Office in the UK. So funds will be used to send students to Britain [maybe should have said British].

L: Oh, so when know results ah?

C: December

L: Oh, so when interview ah?

C: January

L: You sure not to German?

C: I'm VERY sure it's not to Ger-ma-NY. *polite smile*

*sigh* Talk about brainless people.

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nice. by the way. what is 'yada yada yada' ? blah blah blah ?
Patrick | Homepage | 17.06.05 - 10:44 am | #


Hi Patrick! Ya lor.
Primrose | Homepage | 17.06.05 - 3:41 pm | #


Hey Blooming One,

"Wahlau eh..her england berry powderful...i come from Malay also cannot speak british like that wan leh"

u really get these weirdos at fairs..been there..done that!
Musca Domestica | Homepage | 17.06.05 - 5:36 pm | #


Yada Yada Yada - the derivation is from the Hebrew language word "yodea". It means either "knowledge" or "knowing".
Friend For Life | 17.06.05 - 7:46 pm | #


Hey Nick! So powderful I almost fainted. Haha! Thanks for your sms

Oh, so does that mean that when I yada yada yada, I'm the knowledgable one, FFL? *winks*
Primrose | Homepage | 18.06.05 - 12:04 am | #


PrincEss PrimrosE, while I certainly have no doubts whatsoever about your regal and majestic levels of knowledge, when you say to someone "yada yada yada", it is more the equivalent of saying to the other person "I'll spare you all the details - you know what I mean".
Friend For Life | 18.06.05 - 8:49 am | #


LOL, nice. The post reminds me of a lady I saw during one lunch break at a cafe a long time ago.

She demanded that the girl behind the counter explain why there wasn't any chicken in the seafood spaghetti. *mwahahahaha*
tiger | Homepage | 20.06.05 - 12:16 pm | #


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