Saturday, May 28, 2005


Observed this. Dig it.

L: Lady
C: Counsellor

L: I want to enquire about scholarships available

C: Which level are you enquiring for?

L: Ph.D *proud look*

C: Sure, our British organisation have the yada yada full scholarships yada yada postgraduate studies yada yada the application cycle starts yada yada need to apply one year in advance yada yada yada

L: Oh, so sponsor the student to go where?

C: Uh, the UK?

L: Oh, not New Zealand ah? I heard my friend says your British organisation sponsors students to New Zealand?

C: Perhaps you would like to enquire for scholarships from the New Zealand High Commission for that?

L: They don't sponsor to Australia ah?

C: *irritated* For that, you might want to enquire from the Australian High Commission?

L: Oh, you don't offer to Australia ah?

C: This is a *smile* British organisation. I think it's only logical to sponsor students to *smile* the UK.

L: Oh, so got age limit ah to apply for the scholarship?

C: Well, as far as I know, there's no age limit to education.

L: I'm 49, you know. I've been teaching for the past 33 years you know. Our government ah, won't sponsor people above 45 you know.

C: *polite smile* [Duh, don't want to know]

L: Got correspondence courses for Ph.D ah?

C: Rarely because you will need close supervision while on a research course unless it's a DBA.

L: Supervision?

C: Uhm, you will need to nominate a supervisor before starting your research at Ph.D level.

L: Oh yes ah? Need supervisor ah?

C: ??

L: So we nominate supervisors from the your organisation?

C: *obviously irritated* If you want to do a Ph.D in the UK, obviously you will need to nominate a supervisor from a UK university which you are interested in [OMFG!]

L: Oh, you mean we cannot nominate from here?

C: *sarcastic smile* No.

L: Oh, like that ah?

C: Yes, like that. *smile*

How old was this woman again? 49.
Which level was she enquiring again? Ph.D
And what would you need to have before a Ph.D again? Masters degree

Un-believa-bly stewpide!
Double D-U-H !!

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She's 49 and has been teaching for 33 years?

Age 16 seem a little young to have commenced her teaching career, doesn't it?
Friend For Life | 28.05.05 - 1:09 pm | #


hey. i enjoyed this post alot. I was laughing so hard that I lab instructor gave me a weird look. were you the counsellor ?
Patrick | Homepage | 28.05.05 - 2:12 pm | #


friend for life has his point. if she has 33 years of teaching experience, when did she take her undergraduate and master degree ? she meant tuition teaching ? but still a good joke. i like it.
Patrick | Homepage | 28.05.05 - 2:15 pm | #


Lol. That was funny.

By the way, a Masters degree is not a pre-requisite for undertaking a PhD in the British system. Universities will usually register you for an MPhil initially, and switch your registration to PhD if you're making satisfactory progress (usually judged on the basis of a "transfer report" and viva-voce exam).
Yuen Li | Homepage | 28.05.05 - 4:23 pm | #


Hi FFL, beats me! She was probably all out to impress but back-fired.

Laughter is good, Patrick! Glad you had your dose for the day.

Yup, Yuen Li, you're right. A masters degree is just a quick reference as basic requirements. A Ph.D is even possible with a first class honours or at the university's discretion but judging from the way that lady spoke, I doubted she knew what research was all about, leave alone asking about whether she had a masters. Ahaks!!
Primrose | Homepage | 28.05.05 - 5:30 pm | #

cyber-red | Homepage | 29.05.05 - 12:17 am | #


you're the counsellor ?
michaelooi | Homepage | 29.05.05 - 11:52 pm | #


hahaha! funny...
simon | Homepage | 30.05.05 - 7:07 pm | #


Hahahaha!! she's STOOOOOOO PID!!
MrsT | 02.06.05 - 1:54 am | #


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