Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I have no mood. I dread waking from deep slumber. I hate to have to drag myself from bed. I get too lazy driving myself to work. I absolutely have no mood. No mood to write, no mood to type, no mood to think, no mood to work. Brain-dead. Refuse to be tweaked. Simply refuse to perk up. Mood-less. Feels like doomsday. Like the tune of monotonous threnody. Maybe it's pissed. Maybe it's feeling dumbass-ed. Maybe it's a zombie.

Heck, I need a break.

Wait a minute! I *just* returned from a break.

Dang the calendar! The numbers skipped too quickly. The days sprinted past on the racetrack. The time slipped clockwise too soon.

Blame it on PMS. That ended a day ago.
Blame it on the brain. It's dead, remember?
Blame it on the mood. It's numb.
Blame it on the phone. It didn't ring.
Blame it on gmail. No new mail.
Blame it on the diet. I'm hungry.

Damn right I need another break. Goodnight.

*switches off*

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Heheh!! yes.. get another break..!! a mini vacation..!
MrsT | 25.05.05 - 3:51 am | #


Moodlessness.... That must be quite a distressing mood to be in.
Friend For Life | 25.05.05 - 9:59 am | #


weird eh ? i was like that too after my long break in france/italy. it took me more than a month to really feel like doing research again. sometimes i still feel moodless (not on the weekends though) at times...need to drag myself out of bed during morning. need to *switch on*
Patrick | Homepage | 25.05.05 - 5:14 pm | #


And I still have not *switched on*. The light is dim, the battery is sort of dying. Time to renew??
Primrose | Homepage | 27.05.05 - 1:58 am | #


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