Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tarot content

Do you actually believe in them? Well, I never really did but have always been fascinated by it. Tried having my fortune read that way by my novice friend who read interpretations from an illustrated picture-manual. Now how accurate can that be. Have once attempted to buy the tarot starter kit when I was feeling "lost" but nah, readings like these can't be for real. That was then.

And so my boss was telling me this morning that she went for a tarot card reading last weekend. I simply asked if the tarot reader was accurate and apparently, she came highly recommended with people returning to her every 6 months for updates.

My mind started to move like the mill and wandered.

P: Primrose
F: Francine

P: Tarot reading, eh? I could get that one question answered

F: What?

P: Aww, you know...

F: What? Prince Charming?

P: *chuckle, chuckle*

F: Hummphh! I think ha, if you found THE person, you would be so contented with your life. It's like ... *trailed off*

P: *excited* Yeah, yeah! How right! It's like so complete and I would be so satisfied

F: *shakes head* Love makes the world go round...

P: *still excited* It sure does!

Well, I don't know. I have never been overly ambitious about my career. I have never been overly hungry for material of tangibles. I have never been overly worried about happenings around me. I am independent. I am happy and contented where I am.

Ironically, when it comes to the question on relationships or love, my life seemed to come to a halt. It hungers for an answer. It yearns for some meaning. Like my life feeds on it. My eyes will brighten. My heart will race. Like it's the only missing element in making my life complete.

Should I go for the tarot reading, just this once, to satisfy that thirst for an answer?

Well...I'll let you know when I do - or don't.

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Oh PrincEss, be warned.
If you dance with the devil, you will get burned.

Think of tarot as the devil's bait. He'll give you enough to attract you, entice you, give you a bit to eat and enjoy.... but then the barb strikes.
Friend For Life | 18.05.05 - 3:08 pm | #


hey. dont listen to friend for life. he is jealous (hehehe).

yea. love too is somewhat the missing piece in making my life complete. we are so common :P desperate. pathethic (kidding).
Patrick | Homepage | 18.05.05 - 3:24 pm | #


I've been misunderstood. My caution is not against love. It is against tarot and other occult practices.
Friend For Life | 18.05.05 - 3:27 pm | #


FFL: Hmm, but it's just a deck of cards that you shuffle. How "devilish" can it be? Ok, here's how. I get you the tarot kit and you do the reading for me...

We're not desperate, Patrick. It's because we live life as it is. No rush. No expectations. Just live it by the day...
Primrose | Homepage | 18.05.05 - 3:52 pm | #


If it's just a deck of cards, then you know it can't give "readings". When you begin to ascribe powers to it beyond those of "just" a deck of cards, you are nibbling on the bait. The barb is not far away.
Friend For Life | 18.05.05 - 4:48 pm | #


Let me know if you do it.. Frances.. I've always been facsinated by it.. but never tried it..
MrsT | Homepage | 18.05.05 - 5:38 pm | #


FFL: Well, I'll still consider it at least once. We'll see, we'll see...

Yes MrsT, I'll blog about it if I get it done. Watch this space.
Primrose | Homepage | 19.05.05 - 10:19 am | #


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Patrick | Homepage | 19.05.05 - 11:02 am | #


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