Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Usher in

...2005! What a way to start the year.

Free money
The $300 that I mentioned in my previous blog is still there in my account. Finally, I called Citibank yesterday to ask about the "free money".

P: Primrose
C: Citibank

P: Hi, err, I was checking through my online statement and noticed a deposit of $300 made into my account on the 24th December.
C: Yes, ma'am?
P: Uhmm, I did not make that payment. Can you tell me whether it's by cheque and if it is, can you tell me who from?
C: I'm sorry ma'am but I'm not able to tell you that.
P: Oh, why not?
C: Err, because the system doesn't tell us that.
P: I'm sure that if it's made by cheque, there will be a name on the cheque?
C: Sorry ma'am but I'm not able to tell you that.

Darn it! The conversation was going in a loop.

P: Are you telling me that the money is mine to keep, then?
C: Err, yes ma'am. Are you sure that [example of possibilities] didn't make the deposit?
P: I'm sure of that. I just don't want Citibank to come back to me later and deduct this $300 from me (??)
C: Uhmm...err...ok, ma'am.

*rolled eyes and put down phone*

"Maybe the bank had some leftover money and they didn't know who to give it to" quipped Francine who was listening to my phone conversation earlier.

"So maybe they have asked the computer to randomly pick a name and *ka ching* Primrose was selected" she continued. Very funny.

So there! Father Christmas have decided that I was worthy of $300 to keep me going for the year. Ho, ho, ho!

Whenever someone wished me a happy new year, the question "hey, made any new resolutions yet?" never failed to follow. What's with resolutions? Are they really that effective? *shrug* Well, maybe some people just needed to look back to see what they have accomplished and what they have not by the end of the year.

Hmm, I'm not sure if I have made any resolutions for 2004 but one was glaringly obvious: To clear my credit card debts. And that, indeed, had already been achieved...*pat self on the head*...though not without new accummulated debts. *innocent grin*

Well, I have made a resolution to have 15 resolutions for 2005:
1) New curtains for my room (so that I can sleep better)
2) Get at least one bright coloured bedsheet set (to make sleep inviting)
3) Get a new car (it's on everybody's list)
4) Get a perm (to get more wolf-whistles)
5) Stop biting my nails (less bacteria in the stomach)
6) Go for more massages (to improve blood circulation)
7) Eat salmon once a week (omega3 for the heart)
8) Eat less beef (for better complexion)
9) Take vitamin C solubles - everyday! (to lessen wrinkles p'haps?)
10) Visit China this year (or anywhere, just go somewhere)
11) Find a new kick-ass job (with kick-ass colleagues)
12) Minimise credit card expenditure (yeah, right)
13) Enhance my pole-dancing or take up belly-dancing (I meant to write yoga)
14) Continue with my search for the one (another dog, perhaps?)

My notebook
15) Get a new notebook

Primpy has been problematic since the New Year. It died on me several times I can't even start it up properly now. Yes, get an upgrade. Get a new notebook.

What a start to the new year!

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Hmmm.. free 300 bucks.. lets can we spent it..heheh!!
Bank tellers/customer service can be quite anal at times.. i've had my fair share with them.. i wanna strangle them.. at times..!
I never make any resolutions.. i never acheive any..!!
MrsT | Email | 09.01.05 - 10:10 pm


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