Saturday, January 01, 2005


My operating system (let’s name my notebook Primpy) was extremely slow to boot yesterday evening. Sluggish, Primpy refused to shut down properly. Frustrated, I yanked the plug from the connection point – not once, not twice but FIVE times! It’s very unlike me to treat Primpy in such deleterious manner but desperate, that was the only logical thing to do. Revolting against me, Primpy simply refused to allow me my daily dose of net surf. I went to bed early, obviously feeling despondent. *sigh* Can you believe it? Little Primrose went to bed early. On New Year’s Eve!! Hummphh!

Ah but this morning, Primpy must have felt remorseful (repent or else…) and was as brill as a nugget! I managed to run a quick defrag, a virus update and a virus scan without a glitch. Woohoo, hello world!

By the way, Happy New Year, people!

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Thanks for the wishes. I sure hope that 2005 will bring in lots for me!
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 03.01.05 - 8:24 pm


Hi PrincEss,
Wish your days full with Joy and Love throughout 2005..
Choo | 02.01.05 - 3:00 pm


I wish you more than just a happy new year, PrincEss PrimrosE.

My wish for you is for 2005 to be the best, most rewarding and fulfilling year, in every possible way, of your life thus far.
Friend for Life | 02.01.05 - 10:55 am


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