Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A week's worth

I have been lazy. Haven't done much blogging since the last week. Missed me, anyone? *heh*

23 Dec: House of Nyonyas
I was off from work to help mum around the kitchen. You see, Aunt Patsy and family were in KL for the hols from Sydney and were coming for dinner and mum wanted to cook enough to feed a village. So there I was helping with the peeling, the cutting, the washing, the cleaning, the shredding, the boiling, the cooking and err, the eating, of course ... mmm, what's cookin'? There was curry kapitan (chicken - nyonya style), ju hu char (a wok of turnips, carrots, cuttlefish and parsley all shreded into fine julienne - nyonya style), chinese black mushrooms with oysters and fatt-choy (that black hair-like looking fungus), a vegetable casserole of cauliflower, broccoli, baby corn and button mushrooms; and of course, lotus root soup. A chinese dinner is always never complete without soup.

After dinner, I was assigned to cut pears for dessert. Alvyn, my cousin commented that I didn't know how to cut pears. Later, my granny just laughed and said I have forgotten to peel the skin. Then, my mum had to contribute her two cents and said they were unequal in size. And me? Laughed politely-lah.

Eh, who would even bother cutting pears or ANY fruit into equal quarters? Ok, so Alvyn is a cook by profession but heck, if it wasn't because of guests, firstly, I wouldn't have shared my pear with anyone *snigger* and secondly, I would have just sinked my teeth into the pear, whole - with or without skin. Hummphh!

24 Dec: A blooming Christmas Eve
Dragged myself out of bed to get to work. Smooth traffic. Bored out of my skull. How come the High Commission could declare Christmas Eve a public holiday and we couldn't/didn't? Sheesh! Then again, good thing I went to work. There it came, at 11am, a tray of red roses complete with 2 little teddies in the pouch, arranged in a flat metal tray. Wow, now that's a new idea indeed. Very nice. An hour barely passed when another bouquet of 9 lilies came for me - with one little cutey koala in the midst of it. Ohhh, pretty, pretty! I was speechless. *coo* What a nice way to start off Christmas. *grin*

25 Dec: Glad Tidings
Presents, presents, presents! Yippee, yippee, yay, yay! Ok, I cheated. I actually opened them an hour before midnight last night but hey, we WERE allowed to open prezzies then. I honestly couldn't remember what I did on Christmas. Err, remind me, someone?

26 Dec: Boxing Day
Quite a plan-less day, I suppose. Woke up early to give my car a wash and a vacuum it needed. And you know what I found? Remember about my blog on the paintwork at my office building? Well, I could see tiny specks of white paint on my bonnet and the car top. Those blinkin' workers already started that paintjob a day before everybody knew about the "snowflakes" on the cars. I tried waxing but nope, the paint was stubborn. Tried polishing but nope, pointless. *sigh*

I napped the whole afternoon away and woke up hearing the breaking news on CNN about the tsunami waves. *sad thoughts* I texted my friends in the northern region to see if everybody was okay. They were but saddened and shocked by the news. What if the waves were higher and stronger? The whole of Penang would have been swallowed, whole. What a way to end glad tidings with bad tidings. *sad look*

27 Dec: Beary friends
Quiet, quiet day at work. Yes, had to drag my lazy ass bum to work again. You see, I work on a roster and my other colleagues wanted to be off from work. So nice little me sacrificed and agreed to work while they enjoyed themselves (and later pay for it when I go on leave next. Muahaha!).

Now more on the paintwork issue. Apparently, owners whose cars were affected badly (to a point that it looked like a dalmation) gets $1200 compensation money for a re-paint. For cars which were sprinkly dotty will get a free polish. Cheh! I did my own polishing and the paint didn't even come off. Apparently, those contractors were trying to save on paying the workers double for working weekends, hence, paintwork done on weekdays. Now, it seemed like they are going to pay more than just double salary to workers. Pooh, serve them right!

Approximately after lunch time, tada! Another bouquet of flowers came for me! For me? Are you sure? Yes, for me! There were one and a half dozens of pink roses still in buds AND 15 little beary friends! Yes, fifteen of 'em. It made a large bouquet indeed and it wasn't even my birthday. Heh, heh! So does this mean that I'll get an even larger bouquet in September? I was impressed and I had snapped pictures of it too but I can't post them up just yet because I need somebody to help me download them from the camera.

28 Dec: Free money?
My leave officially starts today. I'll be back at work on the 4th January. Now, what do I do for the rest of the week? Can't be shopping everyday surely? In any case, I went shopping with mum today. Spent $60 on a magenta top from Isetan.

Towards evening, I did my routine. I have a habit of visiting Citibank online at least once in two days. Tonight, I found $300 credited into my account. Eh? $300 in exchange for the $60 I spent-kah? As forgetful as I am, I don't think I have banked in $300 in the last week except for my xx amount a week ago. So how? Call Citibank? Uhmm...think I'll leave it there for a few days more and see if it goes away.

2 flowers for this post
MrsT: Heh, heh... flowers to greet Christmas, that's what they were. A little exagerated but oh well, they have the money to spend on bouquets, and I shall receive them with grace. Oh yes, yes! The RM300 is STILL there!. Hmm...
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 01.01.05 - 10:55 am


So many bouquets..and teddies.. and stuff..!!! envy.. envy..!!! may i ask who they are from..??
As for the free money.. spend it. .and talk later.. hhehehehe!! ok.. ok. just joking..!! wat am i teaching you ..hehe!!
MrsT | Email | 30.12.04 - 1:43 pm


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