Thursday, December 23, 2004


(Note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I hadn't got any time to)

My office block was having some scaffolding and paintwork being done. As we were having a full-day meeting up in one of the rooms, we didn't read an email warning staff not to park their cars next to the fences closest to the building. At about close to noon, Fatso from facilities came to knock on our door.

"Hi, excuse me guys," she chirped. "I thought it would be unfair as you all didn't read your emails this morning. Apparently, some paintwork is being done and uhmm, white paint is spotting all cars parked nearest to the fences." *giggle, giggle* "Just to let you know so you can remove your car and park elsewhere."

Very funny. She could have told us first thing in the morning. Dang! I couldn't bear having white spots on my red paint. That would be horrible!

I immediately excused myself from the meeting, ran one floor down to my workstation, grabbed my car keys, trotted one floor down the stairs, made my way hastily to the carpark, glanced nervously from the other side of the fence while approaching the carpark AND... *gasp*

My thoughts reeled. "Where is my car?"

While I stood at the empty spot where my car should have been parked, I frowned. I scanned the carpark quickly, eyes squinting under the hot scorching sun, looking across to two of my other regular spots.


Oblivious to the situation around me, with panicky colleagues rushing all over the place checking on their cars and busy complaining, I calmed myself and racked my memory trying to remember where I parked my car in the morning.

Suddenly, there was light. Err ... heh, heh! I didn't drive this morning-lah. *embarrassed blush*

Wira-owner, whose car was affected badly walked past me wide-eyed. "I can't believe that you can actually forget that you didn't drive today." I swear I could hear a hint of sarcasm in it.

Uh... *smirk, smirk* I'm a forgetful lil' PrimrosE, that's why.

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Hehehe!!! wait till wira-owner meets .. your truly.. then she'll know wat forgetful is.. heheh!!
MrsT | Email | 30.12.04 - 1:46 pm

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